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October 2020

| Volume 5, Issue 3

When planning your new or renovated buildings, the subject of low voltage systems–the backbone of building technology–needs to occur right away rather than be left behind as an afterthought. Proper advanced planning can ensure your low-voltage systems help you operate at maximum levels of performance. And that’s more important now than ever.

As it relates to existing through this pandemic, many enterprises find themselves somewhere along the spectrum of acceptance to denial, and most everything in between.
Manufacturing and warehouse facilities – the actual buildings and spaces themselves – have a significant impact on the manufacturing process and ultimately, your bottom line.
Like many summer activities, STEAM Camp went virtual this year! Strang worked with Urban League of Greater Madison to move the camp to a four-day online experience for campers.
The Strang engineering team is not only adopting and evolving design practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the team is also validating prior design methods.
Employee wellness is rapidly growing as a key element in office design. Here, we have compiled responses from three of Strang’s experts on designing healthy spaces and systems as they examine a mindful approach to designing well.
In this webinar, CEO Larry Barton and Senior Vice President | Director of Interior Design, Erica Ostendorf Mullins examine the Post COVID-19 approach to employees returning to work
The TV shows, books, podcasts, and music we’ve been watching, reading, and listening to.

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