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REES Monitoring Panel

Rear View of Telecommunications Rack Elevations
Rear View of Telecommunications Rack Elevations

Low Voltage Systems Services

The Strang team provides a cohesive, 360-degree approach to designing the support infrastructure for critically integrated technology systems. We merge your IT (information technology) and security systems’ needs into one unified design. These designs are guided by your specific priorities.

We use our full scope of IT expertise to provide solutions that support voice, copper, and fiber data, wireless access points, temperature, humidity, and differential pressure monitoring wired equipment, including electrical and HVAC equipment monitoring and reporting. Additionally, if the building is more than one story, our team can work with you to locate two-way emergency communications equipment for the safety of your building occupants. Other offerings include coordinating with the fire alarm design to incorporate a two-way radio antenna system.

The advantage of Strang’s integrated design approach is the development of a technology and communications transport system that will support the digital convergence of the systems within your buildings for many years to come. Our team of dedicated technology designers have a range of expertise for buildings of all different types. Designers work seamlessly in coordination with outside vendors, to make sure these systems are fully integrated and qualified using the latest technology. These services ensure that your building is ready for occupants’ technology needs from day one.

Energy Cost Savings

Strang’s in-house experts offer exceptional experience in developing and upgrading electronic access control, including security cameras, controlled entryways, lobby security, video networked monitoring systems, intrusion detection systems, and bullet-resistant materials. Our project expertise includes designing secure revolving doors and turnstiles, gated entryways, and working with door hardware consultants for an efficient and accurate installation.

Each security project we design is created to implement the highest level of quality and reliability—your facility’s safety is our priority. We have worked with scores of clients to assist in their security needs including financial institutions and governmental agencies which adhere to strict security protocols and systems. Our experts will coordinate with you to make sure these systems are seamlessly implemented and designed to work for your everyday needs.

Our comprehensive security systems and services include: