Interior Design

Empowering. Beautiful. Value Driven Design.

Interior design aligns productivity, culture and creative energy within beautifully functional space empowering employees.

Our award-winning designers strive to emulate client’s values including brand-driven insights, well-built workplace strategies and culture.

Interior Process

Designers develop the project scope and collaborate with architects, engineers and planners to define a unified approach for your space. All services combine to deliver a space which came from your heart and our hands.

Upon Arrival, The Building’s Design Places You On Notice and The Interior Design Delivers The Exclamation Point: “Amazing - Beyond Expectation!”


  • Interior Programming and Development of New and Existing Facilities

  • Identification of Organizational Space Standards (Programming and Development) maybe: Provide Organizational Space Standards

  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • Planning Use, Typical Reconfiguration, and Utilization Studies

  • Furniture Selection, Furniture Layout and Bidding

  • Interior Finishes Selection

  • Interior Architecture Detailing

  • Building and ADA Code Compliance

  • Art Selection, Accessory and Wayfinding

  • Planning, Budgeting and Management

  • Facility Development and Programming

  • Move Logistics Coordination

  • Presentations Utilizing Models, Renderings and Finish Boards

  • Branded Environments

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Importance Factor

Sociology 101 declares, “We become products of our environment”. While that statement was mostly aimed at cultural, economic and societal environs, we believe it also applies to our professional interiors. Intelligent, creative, functional and attractive spaces impact occupant’s views of each space.

We believe in approaching interiors from a holistic point of view creating an immersive design that enhances your culture, mission and values. By looking at the unique characteristics and human interactions of your business we can enhance collaboration, productivity, creativity and innovation.

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What To Expect

Our goal is to create environments that balance your employees and occupants’ health, culture, life and work, while supporting your brand and long-term business strategies. Effective design depends on innovation and fresh ideas, through intelligent planning and creative problem-solving, we design spaces for both beauty and function.

Interior Updates to Existing Spaces

Improving the design of your shared space is an effective way to update the physical image of a space and communicate your brand. Selecting colors and materials for your building’s shared space, such as lobbies, corridors and shared restrooms, may be easier and less expensive than you think.

Strang’s talented team of interior designers can help you breathe new life into your facility through the creative application of color, texture and form. They will work directly with you to select materials that fit your budget and performance requirements.

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Material + Finish Selection

During the design phase, we simultaneously develop interior architectural design concepts to support the functional needs of your space. These design concepts are unique to each individual project. All selections are evaluated by their functionality, durability, cost and aesthetics.

Artwork Selection + Branded Environments

First impressions are everything, we critically select interior elements, finishes, furniture, artwork, signage and lighting reflecting your unique aesthetic and brand.

These elements reinforce your specific concept, help create a specific mood and subconsciously direct occupants on how to use the space. We work with local artists to create custom artwork. When applicable, custom artwork helps strengthen the overall brand and adds a unique local flair to each project.

When selecting interior elements, we never lose sight of your budget, goals and target demographics.


Furniture Selection + Bidding

Strang is not aligned with any furniture manufacturers or vendors meaning we can solicit multiple proposals for your specific furniture package. In addition to getting multiple options for furniture and finishes, you will benefit from savings achieved through competitive bidding. Our team will listen to your needs, wants and desires to establish an easily understood package. With our client’s best interest in mind, our team will provide guidance in comparing and selecting the best option.

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In Close Collaboration With Our Clients, We Develop Designs That Reflect Clients Strategic Mission, Values And Priorities.