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Designing buildings is just the beginning.

We create innovative and impactful spaces that reflect the values, goals, and needs of their users. Our work enriches lives and establishes real transformation. Every space tells a story, and our team works with you to bring that story to life. As designers, we have an important responsibility to our team, clients, and communities in the way that we shape the future through the built environment. Architecture is here to serve and so is Strang.

Our comprehensive architectural services include:

Integrated Building Solutions

With Strang as your trusted advisor, you receive more than traditional architectural design services. You receive holistic designs and integrated solutions backed by evidence-based analysis and purposefully built under one collective project vision. Design excellence and an integrated approach are at the center of everything we do. Our forward-thinking approach transforms your facility needs into the built environment, effective now and into the future. Resiliency, sustainability, and community are at the forefront of our designs. After all, architecture is more than just creating a beautiful space—it’s about shaping lives.