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WELL Building


Staff Enjoying Their WELL Certified Collaboration Space

Strangs’s Madison Regional office is the first WELL Certified space in the State of Wisconsin!

WELL Building Certification Services

Humans today typically spend about 90% of their time inside buildings. Finding ways to optimize buildings for occupant wellness while enhancing their daily lives is more critical now than ever before.

Strang is a leading practitioner of WELL™ designed facilities, continually seeking out ways in which we can transform our buildings and communities to empower us to live healthier, safer, and more productive lives. Connect with us to learn how we can help you provide thoughtful design centered around health and wellness in the built environment.

The WELL Building Standard

The International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Building Standard™ (WELL), is a performance-based certification system for measuring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being. This certification is based on 10 categories of project performance:

1. AIR

Promote clean air, reduce/minimize indoor air pollution


Promote clean, quality water and improved accessibility


Encourage positive food culture and limit unhealthy foods


Design lighting systems that increase alertness and promote sleep


Integrated physical activity in everyday life through policies and programs


Improve HVAC system design and control to improve occupant comfort


Identify and mitigate acoustical comfort parameters


Reduce human exposure to chemicals that impact health


Optimize cognitive and emotional health through design, technology, and treatment strategies


Support access to healthcare and promote a culture of health and accommodation

WELL is the first standard of its kind that focuses solely on the health and wellness of building occupants. What differentiates WELL from other green building rating standards like LEED, is that it is a performance-based certification, meaning the project undergoes onsite testing of health and wellness standards to receive certification.

Strang is extremely passionate about implementing the WELL building standard in our own offices and offering these services to clients. We not only want to provide a healthy environment for own employees but showcase ourselves as leaders in this industry. Our disciplines come together to provide thoughtful design centered around health and wellness in the built environment. Not every project pursues formal certification, but we routinely design with WELL practices in mind. Our own Madison Regional Office was awarded WELL Gold—making it the first WELL certified project in Wisconsin!