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Construction Contract


Hamel Music Center Acoustical Consultant Quality Assurance Review

What is Construction Contract Administration?

Strang’s work does not end when the design has been completed. Our services are available at every step of your project—from predesign through construction to occupancy. Our construction administration experts oversee every phase of your project, verifying design intent is met. This process is critical to any project as it ensures smooth building development from start to finish.

Construction administrators are the team’s problem solvers, and their role includes reviewing submittal packages, approving change orders, reviewing pay applications, responding to contractor questions, building code compliance, and final punch lists. They will conduct periodic site visits to help keep track of progress and help resolve any design issues that may arise. Construction administration helps deliver peace of mind throughout your project’s entire process.

Our Construction Administration Services Include

Designers leading a Strang Educational Site Tour
Designers leading a Strang Educational Site Tour
Strang Team reviewing plans per construction walk-through
Strang Team reviewing plans per construction walk-through

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Our construction administrators serve as a trusted advisor to you during the construction process. Our in-depth experience in construction techniques, client and contractor communication, and on-site project visits is invaluable to our client’s schedules, budgets, and successful design construction.

In every project, we execute a comprehensive plan to oversee continuity of design and documentation responsibilities from beginning to end. An actionable quality control and coordination plan is essential to project success.

These administrative steps are required to meet systems basis of design, and to see that opportunities are identified, accurately evaluated, and incorporated into the project from the beginning. Proper coordination and quality reviews will also be conducted to ensure a quality set of documents and execution in the field. Quality comes through as a result of great listening. Listening to what you want and need in your project is critical as we shepherd your project through design and into construction.


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