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What to Expect

Virtual reality creates opportunities for designers to assess various design elements as they move through the virtual space. It bridges the communication gap between architects and clients, who may find it hard to follow two-dimensional plans.

It helps building owners better understand how industrial equipment might fit into the space, or how a floor plan will help the work flow process. There is even an element of quality control as design professionals can see inside their floor plans to make sure all the elements are where they’re supposed to be.

“Virtual reality gives our designers a realistic sense of scale,” said Peter Tan, Strang’s Chief Design Officer. “Experiencing what it feels like being in the building offers us an opportunity to study spatial relationships. It also helps our clients by making the design process more thorough and more realistic.”

Client Experience

For designers, there are many advantages to using VR. But the technology makes its biggest impact in the client experience.  As a firm focusing on collaboration with its clients, virtual reality became a difference-maker.

It has helped to bridge any communication gaps between designers and their client.

For most clients, seeing designs in two dimensions on a blueprint or even 3D on a computer screen requires some imagination to visualize a space. What may not have been clear in the description and images of the designed space becomes obvious when viewing it through VR goggles.

By allowing them into the virtual space, they get to experience the built environment even before the design is complete. VR also helps clients and designers enhance the space with material and furnishing selections, site lines and sustainable decisions.

VR compacts the design process, allowing clients and designers to understand each other more quickly and more thoroughly. In fact, it guides all aspects of an integrated design process, savings both time and money, and ensuring an optimal client experience.


Design Renderings

Wisconsin Symphony Youth Orchestra (WYSO)
Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Eurofins Food Solutions
Ho Chunk Gaming Madison

From Vision to Reality

2015018_N9_medium Northern Sky Theater 02-SOUTHWEST DAYTIME VIEW

Northern Sky Theater Exterior

lobby-rendering lobby-visual

Northern Sky Theater Lobby

Summit Credit Union Headquarters Sketches
2016082_N213_medium Summit HQ Ext Photo 01-3N8A8941aA
Summit Credit Union Headquarters Exterior
D-LAB at the Ascent Innovation Campus D-LAB-at-the-Ascent-Innovation-Campus

D-LAB at Ascent Innovation Campus

M3 04 Rendering M3-04-photo

M3 Insurance

JSCFCU-SRSC-Ext-Gr01=crop2 Wellby Financial Sienna Ranch

Wellby Financial

2020002-JSCFCU-SRSC-Int-Gr01-lightened2-crop Sienna Ranch_South View Hearth and Flex Seatingweb
sliderule-visual sliderule-reality
Devereaux Library at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Strang in association with CO-OP Architecture
vanderboom-visual vanderboom-reality
Devereaux Library Information Desk at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Strang in association with CO-OP Architecture
2007057_N72 APT perspSW01AL
American Players Theatre
Weston Place 120903-final-elev-HP-photopaper - Reflect Weston Place aa WESTON_002

Weston Place Condominiums

Design Competitions

AIA Emerging Professionals Competition 2023 Finalists – Team Potoos

AIA Emerging Professionals Competition 2022 Finalists – Team Potoos

AIA Emerging Professionals Competition – Team SCAM

Fly Throughs

Virtual Reality 360° Pivots

Select a project and be transported into the space. Compatible with VR goggles.

Engineering 3D Models