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HVAC System Computer Interface

HVAC Controls Systems Services

What if you could have an intelligent building? Intelligent building automation and controls help increase facility, energy efficiency and result in utility cost savings. Controls measure, react, communicate, and decide how your HVAC equipment should respond to your indoor environment in an automated fashion. Controls are used to regulate how devices operate in real time.

Benefits of automating your building include:

Building Automation and Direct Control

Imagine if your building could be equipped with technology that understands the real-time needs of your spaces. It could automatically make decisions for you. This is where Direct Digital Control (DDC) and Building Automation Systems (BAS) step in. Upgrading to Direct Digital Control means that your building is equipped with digital sensors that feed information to a controller. A Building Automation System can then act as a master controller, networking all your different sensors and HVAC systems together.

Direct Digital Controls and Building Automation Systems can truly optimize the operation of your building, save you time, and reduce your energy bills. With the built-in monitoring features of the BAS, building operators can be proactive instead of reactive. Older, pneumatic controls lack the ability to effectively communicate all the needs of each space and the building, forcing HVAC equipment to work overtime or inefficiently. The technology exists to have intelligent buildings—let your building start talking!

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HVAC Control Panel Access
Quality Review of Computer Output
Quality Review of Computer Output

Optimizing Your Systems

There are many reasons why control systems become under-utilized. This means the energy use associated with HVAC operations may not be fully realized. Strang controls experts can help you implement solutions to improve and update these systems.

These include new equipment, reusing equipment components, merging multiple DDC systems, and retro-commissioning. As product offerings associated with DDC expand, building owners and operators have more options to manage and maintain their facilities’ infrastructure with additional energy cost savings. Strang’s controls experts can help you on the path to optimal building and systems performance and efficiency.