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Design Synchronicity

Our approach begins with excitement and an open mind, through a process called design synchronicity. It simply is having our team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and planners all under one roof, working seamlessly together. We continuously share knowledge on major decisions and minor details from start to finish. This cross-functional configuration ensures that the best thinking rises to the top. That’s DESIGN SYNCHRONICITY.

Strang’s integrated expertise ensures complex building systems not only function together, but also make each other stronger, even better. Imagine, a building that performs equal to its beauty. That’s DESIGN SYNCHRONICITY.

For 89+ years, we have focused on creating synergy in our work, and throughout our client’s spaces. Our comprehensive and integrated design services identify client input, explore opportunities or challenges and only then, consider design direction. We keep everyone–you included–involved from beginning to end. One project. One team. One voice. Collaborating together and strengthening each other—that’s DESIGN SYNCHRONICITY.

Clients regularly rank Design Synchronicity as highly valued, our vertical integration enhances delivering successful projects.

Listen. Discover. Design.

Our approach extends well beyond traditional planning, programming, and designing. We are proactive catalysts for your growth, stewards of your business, and champions of your brand. Our methodology is broken into three distinct components: Listen, Discover, and Design.


While it may appear obvious, taking the time to really listen to you, our end user is our first step. What is your company’s mission? What are your goals? What are your growth and space needs projections? We want to hear you and your constituents weigh in on these questions. Most importantly, we want to clarify your objectives. As stewards of your project vision, we begin by first listening to your needs.


After listening, we collect, review, and analyze your input and evaluate existing operations. This analysis facilitates the discovery of unique opportunities inherent to you and your project. By drilling down and challenging assumptions, we discover what your true needs are. We use this stage to identify deficiencies and constraints in your spaces as well as explore new opportunities for Good-Better-Best practices. During discovery, guiding principles are established, priorities are refined into design statements, and program requirements are documented.


Our team will not be designing anything until we have completed the first two phases. The Listen and Discover phases inform Design. At this stage, we implement your unique ideas and concepts into a single plan, measuring costs, and developing strategies that meet your goals while maintaining an efficient schedule and budget. As we steward your vision, you are continually engaged as co-creators resulting in a design that perfectly fits your mission.