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Plans for structures
Madison College Master Plan

Master Planning Services

Understanding and planning for a master plan defines a clear path for your future, determines your needs and goals, and establishes a plan to accomplish it. A master plan is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a framework to guide the future growth and development of an organization, facility, or campus. This plan creates a vision and pathway to understanding your future. It serves as a guide to shaping the physical environment to properly communicate your image, brand, and mission.

Strang’s master plans are always straightforward, inclusive, practical, personal, responsible, and actionable. With a disciplined, hands-on approach we use observations, fact-finding, and product delivery solutions as unique as your organization. The best master plans are nothing without a solid implementation strategy and action for the future. We help you take your plans from concept to the real world.

Strang Master Plans Are

Plans for structures
The Village on Park Master Plan

Types of Master Planning

Master planning is a vital part of the long-term health of an organization. A “site” or “campus” master plan is a big picture view of a site’s best and highest potential for the future. A site master plan is an effective tool to pre-plan the long-term growth of your business or organization.

Strang planners have expert knowledge of site conditions that can impact your future success, such as orientation, access, views, vegetation, constructability, and developmental costs. A facility master plan is a key component to realizing a facility’s fullest potential. The plan will encompass a thorough review of your current situation, discover measurable goals, and present a clear, straightforward path. This helps empower fact-based, economically viable decisions.