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October 16, 2020

The View From Here – October 2020

Moving Upwards Through Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Advancement.

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As it relates to existing through this pandemic, many enterprises find themselves somewhere along the spectrum of acceptance to denial, and most everything in between. Such differing mindsets – if left unchecked – can prompt disorganized or disconcerted standpoints among coworkers; not exactly the state-of-mind we need right now (or any time for that matter). Consequently, teams can be thrown off balance, finding it difficult to collaborate remotely, reach consensus, or proactively move forward. Let’s change that, for the better.

As A Result, Progress Is Stalled Out. Teams Become Burned Out. And You Don’t Want To Deal With The Fallout.

Within Strang, we focus on a go-forward strategy comprised of three key leadership measures: Acknowledgment. Acceptance. Advancement. Our goal is to transcend simply “Existing through this pandemic” to moving upwards. We are continuing to build real, tangible value for our clients, creating a safe, supportive setting for our colleagues, and extending a helpful hand to industry partners and the community, alike.

First, we acknowledge that COVID-19 has placed especially demanding challenges in front of us. Then, we prioritize corresponding changes required to surmount those challenges. From project management and design, to construction administration, or personnel policies, we rigorously evaluate the scope of change necessary. Frankly, change removes us from our comfort zone. Change requires curiosity, courage, conviction, and further building our trust amongst each other. As a result, we have been energized by this “What If” approach and subsequent inspiring ideas. Here, we encourage each other to build upon traditional protocols and acknowledge enhanced, advanced possibilities in-step with the world currently around us.

Next, we accept that COVID-19 is a dangerous virus, it is not going away any time soon, and we must do all we can to safeguard our employees, clients, and citizenry alike. Through such acceptance, we move forward, able to rally around necessary precautions. We sought to create safe and productive work environments here within our office – significant, detailed planning went into that. When combined with work-from-home strategies, our quality standards improved, and our productivity increased. We expect and accept this blended style of work will define the future workplace allowing for enhanced work-life balance. For example, the pandemic has placed very real tests upon the home front of coworkers. From home schooling and childcare to continuing education, we accept things are very different now and must proceed accordingly.

Finally, we pledge to assign energies that advance others around us. We provide complimentary consulting to help in-need organizations return to work safely or better understand distributed work strategies. A four-part collaborative series on pandemic-related topics coupled with a recorded presentation has been shared so you can view at your convenience. We’ve also arranged customized virtual consultations to help organizations advance their respective efforts regarding workplace cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing, and simple mechanical system adjustments that can reduce the risk of virus spread. That is, in part, how advancement helps define our commitment to community.

We Stand Firmly Behind Our Colleagues

We believe in the near- and long-term effectiveness of our go-forward approach. In fact, clients, coworkers, and the community have told us it’s working. When we acknowledge the challenges ahead of us, accept the proper course of action, and advance the sharing of ideas, it can empower all of us to move forward bravely, confidently. Take care. Be kind.

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