Sustainable Design

Our team’s signature performance designs get to the essence of complicated problems, finding less complex solutions. We balance proven concepts with technological innovation and analyze “First Costs” Vs. “Life Cycle Costs”. With this process we identify sustainable designs and systems that make sense for your project; environmentally, operationally and economically.  


Global Impact

Thoughtful, sustainable design benefits the environment, the economy and the people who occupy the building.

Sustainability can create a positive transformation in the way we live, work and play by forming a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Through integrated sustainable design, we can maximize:

  • The quality of the building
  • The environment it creates
  • Minimize the impact to the natural environment
  • Create added value for our clients

Strang designed the first LEED certified office and laboratory space in the state of Wisconsin.

We have been guiding clients toward incorporating the most sustainable building materials and practices well before the LEED process was initiated.

Sustainability Checklist

The overall impact of your facility on the natural environment is dependent upon many factors such as:

  • Building Orientation

  • Shading

  • Construction Materials

  • Handling of Waste

  • Efficiency of Mechanical and Lighting Systems

  • Placement of Glazing to Reduce Solar Gain

At Strang, Energy Modeling is a design tool engaged at the earliest possible stage of every project.


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Whether you’re designing a new facility or trying to conserve energy and protect the environment within your existing facility, Strang’s team can help by conducting a detailed analysis of your building’s sustainable performance.