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Large Office IT Systems Data Center

meeting room
Wireless conference room with plugable laptop capabilities

Audio/Visual Services

In this modern world, the seamless integration of audiovisual (A/V) and technology systems into your facilities is as important as ever. Technology is not an afterthought and should be considered at the start of the process. At Strang, our A/V experts understand the need for reliable, functional, intuitive, and easy-to-use systems.

We design environments that create enhanced communication and collaboration with our industry-leading consulting. It is our goal to build a functional roadmap for integration and execution. Our experts understand how to design systems for optimal visual and acoustic clarity.

We keep your unique technological needs in mind as we create a custom space that fits your budget and space. This involves assessing the space, analyzing your needs, coordinating with IT managers, facilities operations staff, and equipment vendors throughout the design process. Our system solutions will grow with you. It takes more than just the equipment to create a modern and technologically savvy space—our vision and experience will help lead the way.

Our Comprehensive A/V Services Include


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