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Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics

Strang’s advanced manufacturing and logistics experience features a multitude of different sectors including process, product, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and advanced robotics manufacturing. Each of these unique spaces have been tailored to ensure that every square foot is being utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible. The spaces we design empower our clients to achieve the most advanced manufacturing and warehousing systems possible. Our designs ensure that you maintain the flexibility to accommodate multiple product needs or entirely new products. We design for now and into the future.

Our Experience

Advanced manufacturing and logistic needs are profoundly different than other workspaces. Strang’s value proposition is unique to the fast-paced industrial marketplace. For the process manufacturing firm expanding product lines, our integrated engineering (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) and architectural services for manufacturing and logistics facilities offer you a one-stop-shop for completing time critical plant improvements and additions. Strang has decades of experience working with large and small corporations alike, creating space for advanced manufacturing, warehousing logistics, laboratories, offices, and food service.

Design Considerations

We have both a personal and professional responsibility to exceed your expectations and have the direct experience to ensure optimal project outcomes. Strang has a time-tested tradition of presenting designs with secure access points, sustainable schematics and a sense of place reflecting the manufacturing community.

We have over 85 years of proven experience and success in every aspect of manufacturing facilities. With our deep understanding, we seamlessly steward your projects through every phase, from planning to design through construction to occupancy. This team offers a fresh vision and diverse design solutions.

Design Synchronicity

Architects, engineers and interior designers are meant to work together, simultaneously sharing knowledge from start to finish. Our cross-functional thinking allows teams to be leaner and more responsive. 

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Waunakee, WI

Strang designed the new $14.7M expansion of NORD Gear's North American headquarters. NORD Gear is a leading manufacturer of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. The new manufacturing space increased production capabilities and brought their machining department up to industry standards.

A key component of this project is a state of-the-art overhead material handling system to ensure safe, efficient, and highly productive movement of the facility’s drive and electronic components. Additionally, this system streamlined the loading and unloading process within the new interior loading dock facility. NORD Gear also added locker rooms, a break room, and training room to double the existing building capacity. Now, NORD Gear has additional space for assembly, testing, and service of large industrial gearboxes. Local assembly also allows for faster product delivery and more flexibility.

Ingenuity Center

Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI

The Ingenuity Center is a state-of-the-art, $20.5M, 62,000 SF, advanced manufacturing, training facility that is designed for hands-on experiences.

In order to provide a window into the life cycle of a product at every step along the way, classrooms are located directly across from the corresponding section of the manufacturing facility, facilitating enhanced, hands-on, active learning. Dozens of studies of advanced manufacturing spaces have revealed that workers are happier, more productive, and more fulfilled in spaces with generous daylighting—for this reason, the design team employed both skylights and clerestory windows to provide ample daylighting.

Constant innovation was a key design element for this manufacturing space to be flexible and easy to modify. High bay spaces facilitate relocation and reconfiguration of equipment, and flexible overhead utility connections throughout the entire manufacturing floor allow work to take place anywhere.

Electronic Theatre Controls

Madison, WI

This 250,000 SF, $18.5M corporate headquarters houses Electronic Theatre Controls’ (ETC) administrative, R&D, and manufacturing operations. In order to optimize ingenuity, R&D areas balance the need for collaborative team space and individual private workstations. Likewise, to enhance employee comfort and productivity, the manufacturing space is not only designed for logistical efficiency, but also filled with natural daylighting.

The design team prioritized ordinary, economical, off-the-shelf materials, used in extraordinary ways.  Some of these “ordinary” materials became feature elements of the building: inexpensive industrial expanded steel mesh was used extensively throughout the building as exterior sun shading, rooftop screens, guardrails, and even as theatrical scrim for the stage sets in the town square.

Before this facility, ETC occupied nine different buildings; uniting the workforce and building trust by minimizing the chasm between the manufacturing employees and the office employees became a major goal for the project. The public spaces of the building provide the glue that encourages interaction and collaboration among all employees.

GE Medical Systems, Lunar

Madison, WI

GE Medical Systems, Lunar is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices. When this company encountered explosive growth in personnel and operations, they reached out to Strang to design a new 167,000 SF headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Planning for flexibility and future growth was essential to the design and construction of this building. Future expansion of the production area was planned to be a mirror image of the Phase 1 Production area. The design team anticipated this by integrating structural footings into the floor of the warehouse area. This was to support a future bridge that would connect the original 2nd floor R&D area to the new R&D floor. As the company continued to grow, the facility was expanded successfully in line with the original master plan.

A key element that this facility valued was the close connection and collaboration between R&D and production. In order to maximize the value of efficiency, the entire production line and warehouse is located on a single floor. Similarly, the corporate building functions are each located near the others based on the level of collaboration between the departments.

CORBI Plastics

Madison, WI

Strang designed the new 85,000 SF, $4M headquarters in the DeForest Industrial Park for CORBI Plastics, a manufacturer of polypropylene products. CORBI Plastics provides companies with an efficient method to move their products throughout the supply chain — faster, better, safer, and more cost-effectively.

This one-story, precast and metal panel facility includes an office suite, warehouse and production areas, and partial mezzanine. The simple, clean design features an accent over the entrance. Natural light is brought into the space through clerestory windows and skylights.

Alliant Energy Center, New Holland Pavilions (Flexible Warehouse)

Madison, WI

The New Holland Pavilions are widely recognized as the most advanced multi-purpose pavilions in the country. They offer a world-class, 290,000 GSF of space for a wide range of national livestock, equine, and athletic events. The Pavilion 2 measures 200,000 SF, allowing additional space for livestock stalls, restrooms, and the 20x12 walk-through BouMatic Milking parlor.

This multi-use facility replaced the site’s former 12 aging agricultural barns. Pavilion 1, a 90,000 SF building, includes nearly 8,000 SF of pre-function space. The remaining 80,000 SF provides ample space for livestock stalls, wash bays, and restrooms with showers.

The building envelope and structural system was developed for economy and speed of assembly, utilizing prefabricated and modular techniques, but not at the expense of aesthetics. The large scale of the pavilions allowed for custom prefabricated configurations creating unique and attractive forms at a construction cost of $24M.


Madison, WI

Nelnet challenged Strang to design a 20,000 SF stand-alone print center building to house their new advanced high-production printing operations at a construction cost of less than $2,000,000 – all in time for the facility to be up and running within 12 months.

Utilizing a pre-manufactured building shell for speed of construction, we created a thermal and vapor-controlled interior environment necessary for proper paper storage and printing equipment operations. With the general contractor engaged early in design, it was possible to pre-order long-lead items including the pre-manufactured metal building for just-in-time delivery to the site, optimizing construction sequencing. The project was completed on time, on budget, and fully operational within the client’s desired timeframe.


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