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New Holland Pavilions at Alliant Energy Center

Project Information


Alliant Energy Center


Madison, WI


290,000 SF


Civic & Governmental, Commercial & Mixed-Use


Architecture, Engineering, Energy Modeling, Construction Administration, Building Condition Assessment, Master Planning



President | Chief Executive Officer


Mechanical Engineering Manager

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Dairy & Livestock Showcase

For over 100 years, the Alliant Energy Center Campus has served as a hub of activity for the farming and ranching community, ultimately growing to support world-class livestock and equine events. This multi-use facility was designed to replace the site’s former 12 aging agricultural barns.

The largest challenge was to design two state-of-the-art multi-purpose pavilions totaling over 290,000 SF which could be constructed in 5 months to avoid interrupting the campus’ two largest annual events, the Midwest Horse Fair in April, and the World Dairy Expo in September. Eleven existing stand-alone buildings needed to be demolished and site remediation needed to occur within this same timeframe.

“Strang, Inc. has been a presence for over 25 years on the Alliant Energy Center Campus...because of the excellent design team and project approach that was presented. It is evident to me...that you have incorporated all of the state-of-the-art technology to assist in the design process and communicate with your clients.”

Eric Urtes, Executive Vice President, Corporate Service, M3 Insurance Solutions Inc.


Prefabricated Configuration

The New Holland Pavilions are widely recognized as the most advanced multi-purpose pavilions in the country providing world-class 290,000 SF space for a wide range of national livestock, equine, and athletic events.

To meet schedule needs, a modular approach to constructing the pavilions was employed. Demolition and site remediation work began first, working from the west end of the site to the east end. New construction immediately followed working from west to east just behind the demolition. The construction was completed on time and both the Midwest Horse Fair and World Dairy Expo events occurred without interruption and on schedule.

Pavilion 1 is a 90,000 SF building that includes nearly 8,000 SF of pre-function space. The remaining 80,000 SF provides ample space for livestock stalls, wash bays, and restrooms with showers. Pavilion 2 measures 200,000-SF, allowing additional space for livestock stalls, restrooms, and the 20×12 walk-through BouMatic Milking parlor. The new milking parlor includes two 2000-gallon milk tanks, a new energy-efficient chiller system, touch point and SmartControl meters for cow side management, and evolution pulsators.

The Pavilions also feature a state-of-the-art innovative pressurized ventilation system that draws clean fresh air from the building and distributes it evenly and with consistent velocity over the entire floor. Air is exhausted through overhead door openings and side wall vents providing year-round comfort. The result is improved air quality and comfort control applied to livestock and staff.

The building envelope and structural system were developed for economy and speed of construction, utilizing prefabricated and modular techniques, but not at the expense of aesthetics. The large scale of the pavilions allowed for custom prefabricated configurations creating unique and attractive forms at a very reasonable cost.

Unique project features include: