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September 8, 2021

Case Study: Nord Gear


Three words come to mind when discussing the high-speed pace of the manufacturing industry: efficiency, efficiency, and efficiency. When we discuss future needs with our manufacturing clients this word appears time and time again, as it did with NORD Gear. Strang recently partnered with NORD Gear on the efficiency and expansion of their North American Headquarters located in Waunakee, Wisconsin. NORD Gear is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. Strang’s design of their 90,000 SF expansion of manufacturing space created both space and efficiencies that help NORD Gear produce high-quality products and implement lean manufacturing processes.
A warehouse with tall empty shelves
A row of tall empty shelves


A key component of this project is a state-of-the-art overhead material handling system that helps to ensure safe, efficient, and highly productive movement of drive and electronic components throughout the facility.

In addition, this system streamlined the loading and unloading process within the newly designed interior loading dock facility. The newly designed space also added locker rooms, a break room, and a training room to double NORD Gear’s existing capacity.


With the building expansion complete, NORD Gear now has additional space to allow for assembly, testing, and service of its large industrial gearboxes and expanding IGU line. IGU’s are large custom drives that require a unique manufacturing strategy compared to the smaller, standard line of drives. Strang designed a recessed dock bay that allowed these drives to be craned in, significantly cutting down on load time. Creating additional warehouse space to accommodate growth and improve manufacturing flow also helped reduce overall assembly time and costs while increasing production capacity.
The added office, breakroom, and locker room space offered the engineering group and manufacturing staff the necessary space for their growing team. This also allowed them to co-locate the engineering group which had previously been spread throughout the facility.

From assembly through prep, to loading for shipping to customers, increased production capacity and reduced production time have been budgeted into NORD Gear’s expanded space. This project not only helped increase NORD Gear’s current manufacturing processes but will accommodate projected growth for the next 10 years.

Efficiency is essential to keep moving forward in manufacturing, and NORD Gear is prepared to drive ahead.

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