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Research Production Facility

Project Information




Various Locations: including Richmond, VA, and Middleton, WI




Science & Technology


Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Audio/Visual, Low Voltage/Security, Energy Modeling, Controls, Construction Administration, Building Condition Assessments



Senior Interior Designer


Executive Vice President | Chief Operations Officer


Mechanical Engineering Manager

Senior Vice President | Project Director

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Long-Term Integration

Strang’s work with this client over the past nine years is representative of many long-term relationships we’ve developed with our clients. This client is a global leader in contract research providing drug discovery, development, and life-cycle management services. Back in 2011, they sought Strang’s expert laboratory design counsel to update, renovate, and build new facilities across the nation. Fast forward and Strang are now their primary AEC Consultant.

Every completed project (exceeding 60 in number) has been delivered on time and budget. Many projects needed their schedule expedited with construction phase activities overlapping design to accommodate the client’s rapid growth. In addition, this client sought Strang’s help in reducing energy consumption—a high priority for the organization.

Strang also guided this client to develop corporate design standards. Our goal was to improve overall design quality and lower costs through continual constructability analysis and design optimizations. This approach accelerates completion, safeguards quality, and allows projects to adapt to unforeseen conditions through Strang’s constant and collaborative project management protocol.


Next-Level Laboratories

Strang has provided integrated design services to this rapidly growing client for a variety of spaces including remodeling offices, laboratories, and laboratory support spaces for projects exceeding $400,000,000 in aggregate construction cost across five sites. The various laboratory spaces include ISO 7 & 8 clean rooms, cGMP assays, bioassays, as well as product release and stability storage facilities.

Our most recent completed expansion project consisted of 50,000 SF of laboratory and office space that was planned to be constructed in two phases. This project features a centralized heating and cooling plant consisting of three 120-ton screw chillers with remote air-cooled condensers, variable primary pumping, and three 1,000 mbh condensing boilers. The central utility plant consolidated the primary cooling, heating, and humidification equipment for ease of maintenance, reliability, and efficiency.

Strang’s energy and sustainability team has reduced this client’s energy consumption up to 20-50% (depending on the area and systems). This was accomplished in a number of ways including advanced energy modeling permits, ROI, and other economic metrics allowing for informed decisions beyond initial costs. Each lab’s design requirements included maintaining redundant capacity and components to support lab functions. They also supported the flexibility to expand the plant in the future and the ability to increase energy efficiency by transitioning from packaged rooftop cooling equipment to centralized systems. Strang routinely met with the contractor to approve and inform design direction accuracy for the client’s needs.

Strang continues to guide this client, developing ever more efficient and corporate-wide design standards while assisting with ongoing process engineering improvements. This transparent, collaborative approach empowers us to establish an informed project database. This results in increasingly accurate cost estimating, schedule adherence, and clear communication as we continue to work with this client.