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Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing

Project Information


Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing


Madison, WI


108,000 SF


Science & Technology


Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Audio/Visual, Sustainable Design, Environmental Branding, Low Voltage/Security, Energy Modeling, Controls, Construction Administration


AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, WI Real Estate Broker

Executive Vice President | Director of Project Management


Executive Vice President | Chief Operations Officer

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One-of-a-Kind Laboratory Design

Laboratory design might look simple—but these complex facilities often place numerous hours of design intent and laboratory protocol behind simple decisions. Finding the right balance between flexibility and efficiency is what makes a project like this sing. Eurofins is the global leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic product testing. Their recent new Madison headquarters includes 108,000 GSF, high throughput, analytical laboratory space built with this kind of harmony in mind. They play a key part in the consumer food chain, and this laboratory is one of a kind–not just in Madison, but the world.

After outgrowing their previous facility, Eurofins needed a flexible and efficient space created specifically around their unique processes. They are now at home in a right-sized building designed to suit their every need and process. Their new building includes two main chemistry labs over 10,000 SF each with 44, 6-foot fume hoods.


Efficient Sample Analysis

Efficiencies have been designed into every aspect of this project, from sample receipt, prep, and analysis. Functions and processes were previously spread out across multiple floors and wings. Consolidating these areas into two very large labs (some of the largest single lab spaces in contemporary lab planning) allowed for a significant increase in efficiency.

This was especially beneficial to our client, where samples reign supreme. As a company they deal with thousands of samples every day, identifying, logging, and distributing them. Keeping these samples moving through the lab was essential in our design. Our designers worked to create a clear flow through the building from receiving to end. Guided wayfinding also helps lead both samples and employees through the necessary processes in a clear, efficient manner. Now, the samples make their way in a straight line from the loading dock to the laboratory. With the packaging area this close, it maximizes downtime. Saving seconds from the analysis of one sample add up when looking at the vast quantities of samples this company receives.

"I would absolutely recommend working with Strang."

Brent Rozema, Eurofins Food Testing

Mechanical Systems and Solar Array 360 Tour

Eurofins Madison Office 360 Tour

Sustainable Lab Systems

The project utilized high-performance, desiccant dehumidification and steam humidification systems for critical environmental controls. Premium efficiency, air-cooled chillers allowed for high performance lab cooling. Air-side energy recovery was applied where code-required and expanded where appropriate. The project evaluated the cost/benefit of variable volume fume exhaust systems and ductless fume hoods, with a final determination that VAV fume exhaust would result in favorable financial payback and energy savings, along with certain favorable applications for ductless systems. Additionally, air-side economizers were designed for spaces with significant cooling demands throughout the year.