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On Wednesday the 9th, Strang was excited to introduce three local high school students to a day at Strang.
From feathers to felines or Fido to fins, veterinarians apply passion and compassion to their profession. But not all veterinarians or animal health leaders provide direct patient care.
Since we’re talking about veterinary diagnostic labs, it seems only right that we show off our own pets! Take a look at some of Strang’s own furry friends and check out some of the local humane societies and animal rescues they came from.
During our 87-year tenure, Strang has guided clients through some of the most technically advanced and high-performance projects—from federally regulated scientific cleanrooms to world-renowned symphony concert halls.
A veterinary diagnostic lab (VDL) develops and delivers diagnostic and consultative services regarding animal health and diseases.
Each one of our clients—from banks to credit unions and the insurance industry—understands the importance of establishing an authentic bond with customers, members, and the community alike.
The entire user experience (UX) centered approach continues to gain swift momentum across multiple industries and functionalities, and why not?
Listen to three subject matter experts from Strang to learn about historic preservation, project management, and mechanical system upgrades. Follow us on social media to keep up with the next monthly Strang Minute!
Above all else, National Guardian Life (NGL) wants their customers, clients, and employees to know, “we are here for you.” NGL, a life insurance company, is there when it counts, even when you don’t know you need them. Their brand centers on service, stability, strength, and peace of mind.
There’s more than meets the eye of Strang’s architects, engineers, and interior designers. And what an eye they have! Take a look at their lives outside of the office through these stunning shots.