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December 28, 2023

Meet Alec

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A Design Architect Who Synchronizes Creativity & Efficiency

As part of our Strang Spotlight series, get to know the people behind the curtain…

So, where to begin? While Alec is an immensely talented Design Architect (we’ll get to that in a moment) he is also a passionate off-road biking enthusiast. Witness the fact that Alec recently finished a 110-mile technical mountain bike race – 21 hours of rocks, mud, and darkness to complete what is termed “The Hardest Single-Day Mountain Bike Race in America”.

A man on a computer on a stationary bike
A man in a blue kayak in the water

Alec is our resident Renaissance Man. From geology to zoo management and a budding sommelier, to artist, furniture maker, musician, and inventor, he embraces a seemingly eclectic assortment of skills and pursuits. We say “seemingly” because, on the surface, these interests seem unrelated, but take a closer look. Alec deftly – and intentionally – melds inspiration and insights by combining unrelated topics into his unique perspective. This approach oftentimes yields those serendipitous “aha moments” where invention and originality thrive.

Alec at an ideation workshop, a key element of Design Synchronicity

As Director of Design Synchronicity at Strang, Alec holds a large responsibility in enhancing the outcome of our projects. He helps direct communication flows on complex designs all while creating and empowering improved communications for staff interaction. Let’s break that down.

Alec running an architectural day camp for middle schoolers with Arts+Literature Laboratory

To fully appreciate Alec’s role, you must first understand Design Synchronicity, Strang’s project management approach. This interdisciplinary approach provides one integrated team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and planners working seamlessly together. Each of these groups is precisely dialed into every detail and nuance of our client’s projects.

Alec and Michael Zhou's interactive art installation "Dance with Flowers" at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

And that’s what Alec does. He helps bring the correct blend of skillsets and resources to the conversation. It’s a big job, but one that Alec excels in.

It should come as no surprise then that Alec can literally juggle while riding a unicycle. Seriously.

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