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August 24, 2023

Jane’s Journey Home: A Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Tripp, a 14-year old dachshund

New Life for Old Dogs

In the heart of Baraboo, Wisconsin, Jane’s Journey Home for Dogs, a haven for elderly and ailing dogs, has opened its doors, offering a serene and nurturing environment for senior canines to spend the final years of their lives.

This heartwarming endeavor came to life through the last wish of Jane Barton. JJH not only provides a sanctuary for man’s most beloved companions but also honors the legacy of Jane Barton and her selfless dedication and compassion for the welfare of animals.

Capi, a special-needs corgi (left), and Percy a 14-year old retriever mix (right)

Although each dog has a different story, many of the dogs come from shelters where they were likely to be put down.

We want to give them another option,” Executive Director, Rachel Leuzinger, said. “And say, ‘okay, maybe it’s not an adoption candidate for your facility, but he’s social and he’s relatively healthy for his age. So, why don’t we take him in, and we hold off on that decision.'”

The farm

A Peaceful Retreat

Nestled on a sprawling 36-acre property near Devil’s Lake, WI, Jane’s Journey Home provides a peaceful retreat for senior dogs that have found themselves facing the challenges of old age. Here, 11 senior residents are now experiencing a life of peacefulness and comfort.

Volunteers taking the dogs on a walk

The serene surroundings offer ample space for these dogs to roam, rest, and receive all the necessary medical attention. With groomed trails for a quiet walk, indoor and outdoor yards to play or lounge in, a quaint visitors center, and ample indoor and outdoor community gathering spaces; Jane’s Journey Home is more than just a shelter, it’s meant to be a part of the community.

Screenshot 2023-08-15 153229

Jane Barton with her lifelong friends—dogs

A Mission of Compassion

Jane’s Journey Home was born out of a deep-rooted concern for the well-being of aging animals. The vision for this haven came directly from Jane Barton, whose love for dogs was a driving force in her life. Her affinity for dogs was nurtured during her upbringing in Westfield, Wisconsin. It was during her later years that she became acutely aware of the challenges faced by animals in shelters. Witnessing the premature euthanization and the suffering that dogs endured in these facilities, Jane’s heart was moved to make a difference—the catalyst for the establishment of Jane’s Journey Home.

Jane’s son, Larry Barton, and wife Melanie after purchasing the farm

Jane channeled the time she had left after her terminal cancer diagnosis into building a sanctuary that would leave a lasting mark on the lives of countless senior dogs. Her son, Larry Barton of Strang, along with his wife Melanie, co-founded the organization, dedicated to turning Jane’s vision into a reality. Jane passed away peacefully on October 23, 2014. She died knowing that her life had meaning and would continue to serve others for years to come.

You Can Help!

Jane’s Journey Home extends an open invitation to volunteers who share a passion for enriching the lives of senior dogs. Those who wish to contribute can find more information on applying here. By joining hands with the dedicated team at Jane’s Journey Home, volunteers have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of aging dogs.

Bosley, the Boston Terrier (left), and the rest of the dogs relaxing (right)

Jane’s Journey Home stands as a testament to the profound impact that a single individual’s compassion and dedication can have on the lives of animals in need. As Jane’s legacy lives on through the sanctuary’s mission, it serves as a reminder that a small act of kindness can create ripples of positive change that resonate far beyond our own lifetimes.

Murphy, 12-years old

Through compassionate care and attention, these senior dogs experience renewed vitality and contentment, demonstrating the unconditional love that exists between humans and their furry friends.

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In the heart of Baraboo, Wisconsin, Jane’s Journey Home for Dogs, a haven for elderly and ailing dogs, has opened its doors, offering a serene and nurturing environment for senior canines to spend the final years of their lives.
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