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August 24, 2023

The View From Here – August 2023

Letting Our Imaginations Run Wild

Hello again everyone and welcome back to SyncMagazine. In this issue, we share the importance of an ideation culture within our firm.

Ideation is a vital, firm-wide, practice where we turn away from standardized thinking, redefine challenges, and open our minds to critically creative thinking. We reinvent, rethink, and seek continual improvements across our practice. Here, every idea is a spark for identifying process, design, or project delivery improvements. Our ongoing objective is to harness the intellectual capital within our firm to the benefit of clients and colleagues alike.

We envelop ideation within a disciplined, proprietary protocol known as Design Synchronicity®. Through Design Synchronicity®, we utilize discussion guides, share future-tracking data (for example, Artificial Intelligence), and align our dialogue with stated project goals. As a result, Design Synchronicity® empowers us to focus our ideation without constraining our thought process. It’s a far more efficient and effective way to grow.

Speaking of AI, we are focused on evaluating how this technology can improve our guidance and decisions. AI can be overwhelming, but we seek to pivot and meet it head-on. You can’t “outrun” or dismiss technology and it’s not going away – thank goodness. The bottom line is, AI is a tool that helps us imagine, envision, and indeed ideate ever better.

You can learn more about our culture of ideation and AI throughout this issue. Until next time, take care, be kind, and let us know your take on this topic. We encourage your comments.


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