Master Planning

A well-planned building reflects an organization’s corporate culture, strategic goals, improves productivity, and enhances overall efficiency.


Strang Master Plans Are:

  • Dynamic, not static; they’re not to be crossed-off a “To Do” list

  • Designed to be resilient, addressing unforeseen circumstances years down the road

  • Straightforward, flexible and achievable

  • Creative, resourceful and comprehensive

  • Simple to understand, implement or monitor

  • Efficient and value-driven

  • Designed to conserve your financial, environmental and human resources

  • Aligned strategic plans with physical development

  • Highlighting capacities and optimize facility utilization

  • Balancing infrastructure with development potential

  • Flexible over time

  • Implementation-oriented with a sound financial strategy

Master Planning Your Brand

Our master plans are always straightforward, inclusive, practical, personal, responsible and actionable. With a disciplined hands-on approach we use observations, fact-finding and product delivery solutions as unique as your company.

Our Process

The practical side of master planning includes a finite list of achievable answers based upon (among others) budgets, building and site conditions, together with your plan and vision.

While there are few master plan challenges we have not seen before, each one has a different solution. By closely collaborating with our clients, Strang creates spaces that strike a balance with requirements for performance, image and budget.

Our Strategy

Master plans serve as a guide shaping the physical environment to communicate the image, brand and mission.

Strang has a time-tested tradition of developing successful master plans. We do not attempt to impress with stacks of data or reports, we want you to understand the nuts and bolts.

Types of Master PLanning Include:

  • Economic Impact And Feasibility Studies

  • Recommend Budget Priorities

  • Building Real Stakeholder Consensus

  • Comprehensive Facility Condition Reports

  • Engineered Systems Analysis

  • New Building(s) Placement and Timetable

  • Environmental, LEED Solutions

  • Sports/Recreation Fields And Facilities

  • Foundation Board/Government Liaison

  • Classroom/Educational Buildings

  • In-Depth Cost/Benefit Studies

  • Prairie & Arboretum Planning, Maintenance

  • Landscape and Native Plant Recommendations

  • Design Integrated Traffic and Pedestrian Flow

  • Arts/Cultural/Community Space Planning

  • “Town & Gown” Facility Considerations

Facility Master Plan

A facility master plan is a key component to realizing an organizations fullest potential. The plan will encompass a thorough review of your current situation, discover measurable goals and present a clear, straightforward pathway that will empower fact-based, economically viable decisions.


Site Master Plan

A site master plan is an effective tool to pre-plan the long-term growth of your business or organization.  Strang planners have expert knowledge of site conditions that can impact your future success, such as orientation, access, views, vegetation, constructability and development costs. Your completed master plan will serve as a lasting vision of your ultimate goals.

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