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Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) Master Plan

Project Information


Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)


Milwaukee, WI


3,000,000 SF


Higher Education


Master Planning



President | Chief Executive Officer


Senior Vice President | Director of Design Visualization | Design Manager

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Strang, in partnership with the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), is in the process of designing 10-year facilities master plan for the four MATC campuses. Located in downtown Milwaukee, Mequon, Oak Creek, and West Allis, these four campuses total 19 buildings and over 3 million SF of space.


Paving the Way

Since its establishment in 1912, this will be the very first facilities master plan in the history of MATC. Therefore, establishing strategic objectives was an essential element in Strang’s design for the future of the college.

MATC sought to align this campus plan with the mission and values of the college—to reflect its history as well as pave the way for its future. MATC prepares the students of today for the careers of tomorrow and leads the way in providing affordable and accessible higher education. Of all the technical colleges in the state, MATC serves the most diverse student population. It was essential that the master plan reflect and celebrate this diversity. Therefore, another key objective in the design of this master plan was to demonstrate this mission and improve public awareness, as well as strengthen MATC’s ties with the community. 


Community Partnership

To help enhance community relations, Strang’s approach initially identified opportunities for strategic employer partnerships served by MATC. The master plan design also determined distinct opportunities to tailor student services to fit specific student needs, rather than a one size fits all approach. This process is in acute alignment with MATC’s emphasis on student success.
Strang also proposed various methods to improve the quality of public life on each of the four campuses, starting by improving the gateway and entry sequence at each campus. Integrated with each gateway, we are incorporating elements such as “main streets” on each campus which will serve as bustling hubs of activity for students and the public.
Community building and MATC’s ties to the area will also flourish with Strang’s creation of new third places—places where happily-anticipated gatherings can occur outside of class. MATC continues to serve its students and surrounding community, and with this master plan, they will have a clear path, strategically planned for future successes of their facilities.