Performing & Cultural Arts

Our performing arts heritage spans the spectrum of venues – from achieving exacting details restoring several near-century-old opera houses to integrating 21st century technologies and equipment into concert halls, recording studios, theatrical stages and galleries.

Design Synchronicity

Strang brings diverse, yet precisely aligned performing arts experts from architecture, engineered systems, technology, interiors, sustainability and planning. From auditoriums to back-of-house spaces, everyone is collectively dialed into your project, evaluating the impact of each decision.

  • Seating configurations
  • Colors, finishes selection
  • Lighting and fixtures
  • Voice, Data, Security, AV Design
  • Back-of-house planning

Client feedback surveys routinely rank our Design Synchronicity model as “highly valued” for delivering optimal project outcomes and real, tangible value. Our clients state that vertical integration remains a significant reason why they return to Strang. One such client recently stated:

“Trust is built upon performance, and Strang has never let us down. In fact, you routinely exceed expectations across the board.”

An Authentic Coalition

When our architects, engineers and interior designers collaborate, the results can be spectacular. By that we mean, the implementation of intelligent, jaw-dropping designs that address artists and audiences alike, along with consultants, contractors, budgets and schedules. But it all begins with clients and stakeholders. We listen, not only to hear, but to understand your goals for the project.

Strang’s performing arts and cultural projects are as diverse as their locations. Some reside in rural settings while others are in populated urban centers. Our projects range from large buildings with multiple stages to small single-stage venues. But each venue has a specific purpose for being (La Raison d’être) or what the program strives to achieve or the experiences it will create.

So, grab your Playbill and join us for a VIP, backstage tour of several recent designs.

We are privileged to design venues hosting a wide variety of works, from Beethoven to blue grass, Arthur Miller to Glenn Miller to Steve Miller, Shakespeare to Sondheim or international theater troupes to local boy scouts.

Strang designers (and their designs) celebrate imagination, nurture creativity, empower the arts and help galvanize regional citizenry in support of your vision and build environment.

Serendipity, improvisation and adlibs may occur on stage, but the design of your performing arts or theatre is a well-disciplined, precisely choreographed piece.

Strang designers make certain schedules and data coexist with creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Click the video above to watch Strang's Chief Design Officer Peter Tan discuss architectural design for performing arts venues

View Our Work

Hamel Music Center

University of Wisconsin - Madison

This 63,300-SF building on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus, is designed to be a showcase for the Mead-Witter School of Music, and connect the community with the music program. It will also feature a 650-seat concert hall with state-of-the art acoustics.

Creative sound-masking will musicians to perform with a blank canvas of sound while surrounded by a noisy area of campus. At the same time, unique double windows will mitigate outside noise while allowing for passersby to view rehearsals by student musicians.

Pablo Center at the Confluence

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The 130,000-SF Pablo Center offers the Eau Claire, Wisconsin community an expansive performance space for actors, musicians and artists of all ages and talent levels. It includes a 1,129-seat main theater, a 397-seat mid-size theater and a gathering space that can be transformed for various types of performances. Strang, in conjunction with Holzman Moss Bottino, designed the facility to be flexible enough to host a variety of community events.

Art & literature laboratory

Madison, Wisconsin

The goal for the design of the Arts + Literature Laboratory was to create a multifunctional space that could serve a variety of artistic mediums, showcase art, and provide a welcoming atmosphere for artists and the community. The space was designed to be multi-use, accessible, easy to convert, and easy to navigate. Separated by large 8 ft. wide doors that pivot on their center, the first-floor gallery can be divided or opened for more space or used as an unconventional way to display art. The space is kept open concept and simple in order stay multifunctional and allow the showcase of art to remain the focus of the space.

The Sylvee

Madison, Wisconsin

This 2,500-person music venue resides in the Gebhardt Building, part of the rebirth to Madison, Wisconsin’s Capitol East District Corridor. Owned by Frank Productions, a family-owned and operated business for more than 50 years, the 40,000-SF hall was designed to meet the demand for world-class live music in Madison.

Designers worked closely with the Franks to assure The Sylvee would accurately reflect the family legacy and allow bands and artists of all types and sizes to be able to entertain local audiences for generations.

Northern Sky Theater

Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Located in rustic Door County, Wisconsin, the leaders of Northern Sky Theater want to have a place in nature to nourish the creative spirit, a place where original musical theater comes to life. Strang designers are creating a two-building campus for the theater company that will increase efficiencies and expand its creative capacity.

The centerpiece will be a professionally equipped, intimate 248-seat theater, giving Northern Sky an indoor venue for fall and winter shows. The multi-functional center will include pre-production facilities and administrative offices.

APT Touchstone Theatre

Spring Green, Wisconsin

Strang designed a new theater and support building for American Player’s Theatre. The 11,000 square foot theater building houses a 200-seat theater, a lobby, concessions, will call, dressing rooms and a green room. The 14,000 square foot Production Support Building is an economical, functional and efficient facility, which is compatible with the overall image and experience of APT. The building houses a paint shop, scene shop, offices, rehearsal hall and storage. 

The goal was to transport visitors to a theatre in the woods. The lobby and patio are designed to provide for a seamless transition between the landscape and the interior. 

American Players Theatre

Spring Green, Wisconsin

Designers were charged with a unique challenge in renovating the Up The Hill Theatre at this outdoor venue in south-central Wisconsin: update the stage and facilities without losing the venue’s rustic sophistication. The result was upgraded acoustics and sight lines, new handrails and a loops system to improve assistive listening.

The lobby and backstage areas were also renovated for accessibility and aesthetics. The result was a familiar amphitheater with modern amenities and state-of-the-art performance capabilities.

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