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Pablo Center at the Confluence

Project Information


Pablo Center at the Confluence


Eau Claire, WI


130,000 SF


Performing & Cultural Arts


Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Sustainable Design, Energy Modeling, Controls, Construction Administration



President | Chief Executive Officer


Senior Vice President | Director of Design Visualization | Design Manager

Senior Vice President | Project Director

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This project was designed in partnership with Steinberg Hart
Pablo Center at the Confluence


Project Partnership

This project was the result of a successful public private partnership, a “confluence” of stakeholders in the city, the arts community, and the University that came together to create an arts venue that was truly reflective of the community. The Pablo Center at the Confluence sought to offer a transformative training, learning, and creative space for actors, musicians, and artists of all ages and talents levels. The facility was to provide numerous amenities in addition to the two large performance venues, all of which combine to support the performing, literary, and visual arts in the community.


Space Showcase

This space not only showcases and embraces Eau Claire’s diverse performing arts community but is flexible enough to host a variety of events. This 130,000-SF performance center features a 1,129-seat main theater, a 397-seat mid-size theater, and a third floor gathering space that can be transformed for various types of performances. Strang’s designers included space for studios, art galleries, performance rehearsals, a scene shop, green room, and offices. The Visit Eau Claire visitors’ welcome center and the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center also both have space in the building

Looking Outside In

From the exterior, the building is represented as a monolithic stone mass strategically punctured to reveal colorful geode of spaces within. The dark hornblende stone, quarried less than 50 miles from Eau Claire, lends the surface a natural texture while also simultaneously setting off the large, colorful expanses of glass overlooking the river. It also provides contrast for the shimmering feature copper waves.

Pablo Center at the Confluence

Playing with Color

Within, the playful use of color building contrasts with the monolithic appearance of the exterior and helps each space retain a unique identity. The colors were inspired by the natural ebb and flow of colors found in nature throughout the day. The largest theater venue, the RCU theater, captures the unique colors of sunrise, contrasting muted blue with bright copper (echoing the use of copper on the exterior of the building).

Flexible Performance

At 1,200 seats, this theater provides the community with a state-of-the-art concert hall that is the ideal setting for everything from more traditional theater with elaborate sets, to choral and orchestral performances—a flexibility made possible by the customized acoustical stage shell and orchestra pit lift.

To contrast with the large performance hall, the 400-seat JAMF theater, which has colors inspired by the muted oranges and maroons of sunset, is a supremely flexible space meant to accommodate nearly limitless reconfiguration and experimentation—everything from black box theater or theatre in the round, to a more traditional thrust arrangement. It even offers a ballroom arrangement for cocktail hour or formal events. Dynamic architectural elements—light fixtures that raise and lower, repositionable acoustical ceiling reflectors, balcony rails that raise and lower or can be removed entirely from the room – all contribute to the flexibility of the space and allow the space to maintain an intimacy despite its varying functions and size.

Pablo Center at the Confluence

Confluence Crown Jewel

This project was made possible by a new economic development that recognizes the creative industries and has resulted in improved regional attractiveness and a positive business impact. Availability of cultural events and entertainment is just as important for the region’s artists, citizens, and visitors as it is for the venue. The Pablo Center at the Confluence is a true “confluence”—a convergence of region, community, performance, and the arts.