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September 11, 2019

Twice the Talent

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She can design it. Oh, and she can build it too.

A drawing of a wood design

First, she sketches out a design...

Connie is a talented interior designer, taking empty spaces and transforming them into awe-inspiring environments that capture exactly what the client envisioned. She can design, and she can design well. But she takes it a step further. To be an interior designer is one thing, but to know how to create and construct those designs is another. And Connie, well, she can do both. Connie is an inspiring designer and talented maker.

To know Connie is to know a confident, conscientious and creative leader. She applies an integrated and aligned development protocol to each project. In other words, she is an enthusiastic practitioner of Strang’s Design Synchronicity.
Connie and her interiors colleagues champion purposeful, empowering spaces predicated upon exemplary design, where healthy surroundings and brand-driven strategies strengthen present performance and future adaptability. Connie’s passion for interior design is only a notch or two below her love of family and – wait for it – her lifelong love of being a maker. From a very young age, Connie was drawn to creative design and developing the necessary skills to build those designs.
By her own admission, she “lingered” around dollhouses longer than most girls would care to admit. While she fully enjoyed that fanciful experience, she found herself naturally drawn towards building her imagination and reshaping the dollhouse itself. From fixtures, floors and furnishings, Connie would reimagine the space (several times over), then actually build it.

Balsa wood, cardboard and hobby paint, together with household odds and ends were her materials of choice. She learned early-on that modest budgets called for resourceful, creative thinking and do-it-yourself solutions. As a young girl, Connie was creating fun, and as it turns out, creating a future vocation and avocation.

First, she sketches out a design...

Pieces of cut wood, pushed together in a design

...lines the pieces up for good measure...

From that past to present, her passion for creating spaces has endured. Connie started her career in store planning and design, which ignited her interest in environmental branding. As she mastered the art of creating branded environments across all market sectors, she realized that she has the skills and talent to give clients something that wows.

You see, Connie uses her inspired design skills in form and function, along with her knowledge of construction and material properties to design and construct custom furniture. In designing these many unique furniture pieces, she applies her eye for quality design by choosing wood species based on type, grain style and cut, together with overall aesthetics.
As any skilled woodworker should, she has a profound appreciation for the natural characteristics of wood. Her intuitive respect for woodgrain inspires her furniture designs. For example, using the direction of woodgrain, Connie designs and crafts stunning works of art, perfectly matching end grain to end grain, then applying a clear coat to draw out the simple and natural beauty of her materials.

This talent, couple with her deep understanding of how design elements work together, Connie knows how to get it done, whether designing for Strang or for her own home.

...fastens the pieces together...

A wood frame with an interesting wood cut design

... and voilà! A new piece of furniture!

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once said “I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.” So, what’s next for Connie? Ask her about her own kitchen remodeling project – and this one is actual full size.

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