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March 4, 2021

Strang Gives A Helping Hand To Hebron House

When Hebron House approached Strang to investigate the existing conditions of the roof at Jeremy House, we were glad to offer our services to those in need. The existing roof was in poor condition, failing, and with shingles that contained asbestos. In addition, the soffits, roof sheathing, and roof joists were rotting, and the soffit lights used for security were inoperable. We worked with KPH Construction and Hebron House to generate a set of drawings to be used for bidding, plan review, and construction to help Hebron continue to provide a safe sleeping atmosphere for those in need.

The Hebron House non-profit organization has multiple properties under its management that include Jeremy House, Juno House, and Siena House. Strang is currently working on a small project at Juno House and a kitchen remodel at Siena House. Both of which will further improve their daily operational process and quality of services. We are also putting a proposal together for an entire facility remodel.

Our involvement will allow people to sleep in a safer and healthier environment during these cold nights. We are proud and humbled to know that we can make such an impact on people’s lives using the tools and knowledge that we possess and use every day.

A message from Maureen Atwell from Hebron House,

“I’m blown away by the quality of the work and the attention that went into the project. I want to thank you and your whole team for what you did.

People who suffer from mental illness and chronic homelessness are welcomed almost nowhere in our community, but Jeremy House is a safe place where they can be treated with dignity and have a chance to get their lives back on track. Living in a house with a sound roof is a basic need that many of us take for granted, but to the guests at Jeremy House, having a safe and cared-for house gives them a rare sense of security and stability in this world.

Our guests who are currently at Jeremy House will see the change and understand what it means, and I’m grateful beyond words for that. Larger than that, this leaves a positive legacy that will last for decades. Because of you and your team, the house will be warm, dry and safe for another 50 years.”

You are more then welcome Maureen, and we look forward to continuing to work with you and Hebron House!

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