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August 15, 2019

Notebook: 2019

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American Players Theatre Turns to Strang for Direction

Strang Scouts Lead the Pack

Two members of Strang passed the leadership torch at Madison’s Boy Scout Troop 122.

Peter Tan, Principal Design Architect at Strang, stepped down as Scoutmaster during the annual Court of Honor ceremony and handed the post to Alec Hembree, another member of Strang’s architecture team.

Alec, an Eagle Scout, Alec is atypical of most scoutmasters because he is not a parent.

Strang Bikes for Boys and Girls

Pedaling hard under the hot July sun, a team of 11 bicycle riders from Strang raised nearly $2,500 for the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County this summer.

The riders from Team Strang were among hundreds of participants of all ages and abilities riding either 8, 25 or 50 miles. Two members of the team rode the 50-mile course, while the other nine rode 25 miles.

What's your Favorite Pizza Place in the Madison area?

A happy lady with a with sweater

Jill Ruffridge, Human Resources:

“Greenbush Bar! I’ve only been there once and need to get back – it was ‘memorable’ pizza.”
A happy man wearing a red shirt

Matt Hahn, Marketing:

“I would have to say Dahmen’s Pizza Place. It’s a great family-owned business.”
A happy lady wearing a striped sweater

Britt Madelung, Interiors:

“One of my favorites is Café Porta Alba at Hilldale. They have delicious wood-fired Neopolitan style pizza.”
A happy man in a white button down

Wayne Whiting, Architecture:

“Angelo’s Italian Restaurant in McFarland. Great people, great service and great pizza!

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