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November 6, 2018

Moving Day

Relocating to a new office is never easy, but in our case, it’s very worthwhile.
After one week in our new office, I still can’t find my coffee mug.

I know I packed it with care, but it’s clearly not there. As I rummage through the blue plastic moving bins, I retrieved my keyboard and mouse, a small stack of sticky notepads, thumb drives, miscellaneous office accoutrements, even my Brewers Bobblehead, but alas, no coffee mug. Oh, the perils (and victims) of moving.

Our relocation to Madison’s downtown occurred mostly over an extended weekend. On Friday, the transfer company brought our furniture, computers, bins, boxes and new appliances for the kitchen gathering space. On Saturday and Sunday, numerous Strang staffers turned out to place computers, furniture, A/V equipment and reference library materials – in just the right places. OK, maybe not exactly the right places, but pretty close.

Monday was for installing and synchronizing technology, i.e. rendering workstations, computers, telephones, virtual reality equipment and printers to mention a few. Other tasks will continue over the next couple weeks. We’ll install new, revolving artwork, fill the kitchen with WELL BUILD-approved snacks and beverages and see to it that everyone has proper office access.

Oh, and Madison’s downtown does not disappoint. There’s an energetic vibe, a renaissance-like mashup of old and new with exciting things to check out up and down The Avenue, all ‘round Willy Street and The Square. Dinning, shops, entertainment, bike paths and much more. And there’s The Sylvee, the new Frank Productions music performance venue. A Strang design, this venue has quickly become a favorite with fans and artists, alike. Here, you can have a front row experience with emerging artists, established cultural icons or community events.

Now, once we get a bit more settled, we’ll invite you over for an Open House. Until then, it’s business (almost) as usual. So, has anyone seen my coffee mug? It’s gotta be here somewhere.

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