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July 25, 2023

Celebrating Success: Announcing New Promotions!

Strang's Summer Cookout at the Madison Office

We are thrilled to announce some exciting promotions! These hard-working Strang’rs have proven leadership qualities as valuable members of our team and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate this milestone with them. Read more about them and their accomplishments below. 


Tim Crum
Tim Crum, Executive Vice President & Director of Project Management
Austen Conrad
Austen Conrad, Executive Vice President & Director of Architecture

Tim Crum and Austen Conrad have been promoted to Principals, a well-deserved recognition of their outstanding contributions and leadership. Their dedication, hard work, and exceptional leadership skills have truly set them apart, making them the ideal candidates for this well-deserved promotion.

Tim and Austen have consistently demonstrated their commitment to Strang’s success, going above and beyond in their respective roles. Their ability to manage and motivate their teams has been instrumental in driving our growth and success. With their promotion to principals, we have no doubt that Tim and Austen will continue to excel in their leadership roles and bring even more value to our clients and projects.

Senior Associates

John Kolodzinski
John Kolodzinski, Senior Vice President & Director of Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Ziomek
Jacob Ziomek, Senior Vice President & Project Manager

We also congratulate John Kolodzinski and Jacob Ziomek on their promotion to Senior Associate. Their expertise has been invaluable, and we are excited to see them take on even more responsibilities.

Their promotion expands their careers by making significant contributions to our work and the success of our team overall. They have repeatedly exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and guidance to our team.


Krysta Puzek
Krysta Puzek, Human Resources Specialist
Halie Weigel, Interior Designer
Kevin Donahue
Kevin Donahue, Senior Project Architect
Mike Kundinger, Director of Construction Administration & Specifications

Lastly, we congratulate Krysta Puzek, Halie Weigel, Kevin Donahue, and Mike Kundinger on becoming Strang Associates.

Each of these team members has shown tremendous potential and forward-thinking ideas. Their promotion is a testament to their hard work, technical skills, and commitment to excellence. We are honored to have such a talented group of Associates as part of our team.

Strang's Summer Cookout at the Waukesha Office

Congratulations to Tim, Austen, John, Jacob, Krysta, Halie, Kevin, and Mike on this well-deserved achievement! We can’t wait to see what comes next.

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