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April 25, 2018

Canstructions Can-Do Approach to Hunger

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Imagination, generosity and teamwork are all on display at the West Towne Mall in Madison this week as volunteers build structures out of canned goods to help end hunger in Madison. Strang and Frank Productions are happy to be a small part of this enormously successful event.
When people rally around a good cause – something that really impacts their community – they tend to put forth their best. All this week you can see this spirit of caring at West Towne Mall as the Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM) hosted its eighth annual CANstruction event with the theme “Rock CAN Roll.” Eighteen different groups built awesome structures out of canned goods and packaged foods which will be donated to MOM’s food pantry when the event ends on Sunday, April 29.

The event exemplifies creativity, generosity and teamwork. That was evident as Strang teamed up with our friends at “The Sylvee,” Frank Productions’ new music venue. Strang architects, engineers and interior designers created the design, Frank Productions donated nearly 2,000 cans, and they all worked together to build it.

Anyone can help promote the food pantry’s drive to fight hunger by voting for their favorite CANstruction sculpture on Facebook/MiddletonOM, Instagram/@momhelps.

Our project, featuring a guitar smashing into the floor of a stage, was called “CAN you help Smash Hunger?” To help promote the cause, Frank Productions will give away two free tickets to a show at “The Sylvee” (opening in the fall). To enter a chance to win, take a picture standing next to our stage display and post it on social media under the hashtag #SmashHungerMadison.

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