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2021 year in review

January 4, 2022

2021 A Year in Review


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Can you believe 2021 is already over? The start of the new year means it’s time for Strang’s “A Year in Review” where we proudly highlight our client’s projects and our achievements throughout the year.
A year in review


Last year we began 197 new projects! Our team of dedicated architects, engineers, and interior designers have worked to bring our client’s design vision to life with each of these projects. Our projects ranged from big to small and included those in the science and technology sector, to financial institutions, educational, and cultural spaces.

Some highlights from the projects we completed in 2021 include Eurofins Food Testing Solutions, Venture Investors, and Ascent Innovation.





Whether a performance space, local office, or a financial institution, our client’s facilities were recognized for their design, innovation, or sustainable practices. It is a great honor to have been a design partner on some of the following buildings—we celebrate all of these projects’ awards with our clients!

  • Strang – InBusiness Voted Number ONE Commercial Architectural Firm
  • Summit Mt. Horeb – InBusiness Commercial Design Award
  • Hamel Music Center – AGC WI Technology & Innovative Practices Award
  • Strang Madison Office – AGC WI General Contractor Commercial Projects Renovation
  • Strang – Wisconsin State Journal Top Workplaces


This year we were working both from home and the office and we were excited to welcome 15 new faces to Strang in 2021—whether in person or online. From laboratory planners and project managers to architectural designers and a new project administration assistant, we are so glad to have the following Strangr’s join our team. Welcome!

Carl berry

Carl Berry, Architectural Design Specialist

Michael Zhou

Michael Zhou, Architectural Design Specialist

Joe Pautsch

Joseph Pautsch, Architectural Design Specialist

Sallee Terry

Terry Sallee, Senior Technology Designer

Diane Rhode

Diane Rhode, Plumbing BIM Technician

Bill Simpson

Bill Simpson, Senior Project Manager

Brain Tym

Brian Tym, Senior Plumbing Engineer

Jeff Radue

Jeff Radue, Senior Mechanical Engineer


Kerry Hillard

Kerry Hillard, Laboratory Planner


Joe Stillo

Joseph Stillo, Mechanical Engineering Specialist

Keith Modlinski

Keith Modlinski, Electrical BIM Technician

Rita Zahn

Rita Zahn, Project Administration Assistant


Ashley Modlinski

Ashley Modlinski, BIM Technician


Mark McClintock

Mark McClintock, Senior Project Manager

Patrick Bakkum

Patrick Bakkum, Senior Architectural Designer


That’s all for 2021! We want to end with a special note to all our employees, clients, and community – we love the work we do, and we love doing it with you – so thank you.

SEE YOU IN 2022!

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