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Nimble Therapeutics

Project Information


Nimble Therapeutics at the University Research Park


Madison, WI


8,500 SF


Science & Technology


Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Controls, Construction Administration



Electrical Engineering Manager


Project Manager | Senior Interior Designer


Executive Vice President | Chief Operations Officer

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Bronze ASID Award



Essential Understanding

Attention to detail and scheduling were critical components to the success of this relocation and expansion project. Nimble Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that uses custom, expensive equipment in their research. It was essential this equipment was up and running as soon as it was relocated. Our designers had to fully understand how this custom equipment functioned and what its needs were in the space. This included several behind-the-scenes design elements including a power backup system and a specialty HVAC system that would help the equipment remain cool while running. Rather than simply pick up their laboratory and move it from one space to the next, we assessed how their new space would function and proceeded to design the best possible solution for the 8,500 SF space.


Understanding Two Workplaces

Of course, scientists need their laboratory space to conduct research, but we rarely consider what comes after the data gathering. The need to analyze the data found in their labs means employees utilize their offices almost as much as their lab environments. Discussing data and outliers with co-workers happens more so in the office environment.

For this reason, our designers wanted to provide easy access to both spaces. The CEO and CFO offices are transparent, encouraging the interaction of scientists discussing key findings in their research. Scientist workstations each have a unique style and offer impromptu personal conversations. This supports the client’s community work environment and helps employees foster a more enjoyable experience.

Small Space, Big Opportunity

Per this client’s needs, a large portion of this design and available square footage revolved around the laboratory space. The remaining spaces included offices and an employee break room. With less time spent in these spaces, our designers endeavored to fulfill a colorful, multi-purpose area that would provide a welcome respite away from employees’ laboratory requirements.

A track screen was installed in the break room area that can be opened or closed to make the lobby space function as a gathering space, kitchenette, or impromptu meeting location. The track screens also provide privacy through their sound absorbency, helping muffle sound from the break room.

The strategically placed break room in the front allows for employees to utilize this space throughout the day and also serves as a welcome area for visitors and introduction to the space. Built into the multi-functional kitchen island is seating, storage, concealed garbage, and a food prep area all meant to encourage social interactions. Overall, this multi-purpose area is a place for employees to connect with each other and their company culture.

Building the Lab

Nimble Therapeutics needed their design to be completed quickly and move-in ready on a tight schedule. This presented challenges due to all the moving parts of the laboratory equipment installation and the attention to detail required to provide ample space for said equipment. Our designers worked within the small footprint to deliver all of this client’s needs. Even with a tight schedule, we were able to provide micro design elements, such as color, texture, and patterns that helped personalize and humanize the typical sterile, white-walled laboratory.

This previous office space has been transformed not just into a laboratory, but a social hub. Nimble Therapeutics is extremely passionate about the work they do, and in investing in their employees; we were honored to design a space that mirrored this philosophy in their physical environment.