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M3 Insurance

Project Information


M3 Insurance


Madison, WI


45,000 SF






AIA, NCARB, NCIDQ, WI Real Estate Broker

Executive Vice President | Director of Architecture


Executive Vice President | Chief Design Officer

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M3 headquarters


Invest in Impact

M3 Insurance is a growing insurance service company with a long history of community outreach and employee satisfaction. M3 wanted its new headquarters to be highly visible, serve the broader community, and facilitate positive change for employees. Strang worked with both the developer and M3 to design an exterior to this facility that maximizes the developer’s investment while striving to meeting M3’s cultural vision.

M3’s corporate priority was to move their headquarters to a location that would have a positive neighborhood impact. It was essential that the building be easily accessible to users. The selected John Nolen Drive location offers a highly visible attention-grabbing design on a major gateway for Madison traffic. Even though the soil could not support a conventional foundation (thus adding to the project cost), M3 was determined to build where visibility would have a maximum impact.

“We initially had three objectives for our new space: providing a well workplace, shifting from “me” space to “we” space, and space as a reinforcement of our brand. This space has met all those objectives and more. Our employees are so proud of this space...The amenities and the flexibility of the space have exceeded our expectations. And the Madison space has been a foundational element of M3’s physical brand since we built this building.”

Thomas J. Golden, Executive Vice President,
Corporate Service, M3 Insurance Solutions, Inc.


Solid Site Design

This project’s site design is in response to its unique location. Strang took care to enhance views of and from the project in its context on Lake Monona. The tree-lined entrance drive is on axis with the building’s visitor entrance, creating a strong relationship to the public. Decorative 12’ light fixtures reinforce the rhythm of the trees, while providing light to the entrance driveway and pedestrian walkway. An outdoor patio with two grills and a fire pit, immediately adjacent to the “Work Café” provide an informal and relaxing space for occupants to gather.

This highly visible location at one of the most traveled entry drives to downtown Madison originally looked bare and unfinished. The site was overrun with weeds and had become a dumping area for garbage and construction fill. The M3 development cleaned up this site, extended clear views to Lake Monona, and provided new vigor and uses along the bicycle path that surrounds the lake. The facility’s state-of-the-art conference and training suite has also become a valuable asset to the Madison community. Many local non-profit agencies use it for special events.


Flexible Reuse and Function

To maximize the developer’s real estate investment, the building was designed with flexibility in mind for future uses. The facility is designed as a multi-tenant building, with core areas for restrooms and vertical circulation, corridor zones, and MEP systems that support multiple tenants. Each floor plate is carefully designed to accommodate a variety of options of leasable tenant suite configurations.

M3 regularly brings clients to the facility for training and special programs. M3 therefore wanted to build a conference and training suite that could be shared with local agencies that need room to host special meetings. By designing flexible meeting spaces with access to the main entry, sweeping lake views, catering setup and toilet facilities, the building can serve a broader function, even after business hours.

M3 headquarters at night