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Frank Productions Office

Project Information


Frank Productions


Madison, WI


8,500 SF


Commercial & Mixed-Use


Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Environmental Branding, Controls, Construction Administration



President | Chief Executive Officer


Executive Vice President | Director of Interior Design

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Family Roots

Founded in 1964 in Madison, WI, Frank Productions started as a family-run, full-service concert promotion company. They are now one of the largest concert promoters in the United States. This 8,500 SF office serves as the corporate headquarters for Frank Productions, immediately adjacent to their first dedicated performance venue, the Sylvee. This office accommodates up to 50 employees in support of Frank Productions nation-wide concert promotion endeavors.

Frank Productions is a family business and has been a cornerstone of the Madison community for more than 50 years. Although boasting a national presence, they never wanted to lose sight of their family roots and choose to locate their corporate headquarters in the East Washington Corridor in Madison, Wisconsin. This decision reinforces their commitment to their local roots, bringing the best performances to their hometown and ensuring the best possible musical experience for Madison concertgoers.

Residing in the Gebhardt Building, the Frank Productions office space and the Sylvee sought to reflect the legacy of Herb and Sylvia Frank and celebrate their history in the music performance industry.


Rockin' Office

In planning the space, our design team located the kitchen and conference room on the first floor, along with a collaborative lounge that opens up to the plaza outside the Sylvee. This helps activate the first floor and entrance of the building. It also creates a gathering zone and destination for employees that is physically removed from the dedicated work areas, as well as a hospitality space where Frank Productions can host VIPs before a show without disrupting work. On the second floor, tiered open work areas transition into private offices, creating a dynamic work area that provides visual connection, while also defining distinct work zones.

Throughout the office, the color red signifies transition and circulation. A red ribbon of flooring materials weaves through both the first floor and the second floor, guiding building occupants through the public gathering zones and collaboration spaces on the first floor, up the stairs to the workspaces on the second floor, to form the ramp connecting the tiered open office areas. This transition zone provides ample opportunities throughout both floors to tell the story of Frank Productions. The finishes, which intentionally echo the industrial and spartan finishes of the adjacent Sylvee theater, serve as a blank canvas to display music memorabilia representing Frank Productions’ rich 55-year history in the music promotion business.

The result of this creative collaboration between the client and the design team is a workspace where the emphasis is on the company’s values and extensive music history in order to create memorable experiences for everyone involved. Strategic planning provides convenience and comfort for employees, VIPs and artists alike for an intimate experience.