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March 24, 2022

Strang, Inc. Announces Leadership Team for Waukesha Office

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Established in 1935, Strang is an award-winning architecture, engineering, interior design, and master planning firm with offices in Waukesha and Madison, Wisconsin with clients throughout the US.

We champion a highly collaborative, vertically integrated approach entitled, Design Synchronicity. This proven, proprietary protocol galvanizes our ability to safeguard a client’s financial, human, and environmental resources. We apply this approach within the science and technology, commercial/corporate, higher education, performing arts, and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Today we are proud to announce the formalization of our new leadership team in Waukesha.

According to Larry Barton, Strang’s President, and CEO,

“Each of these gentlemen are shareholders within the firm and collectively bring decades of successful business acumen, architectural and engineering experiences to the Waukesha office. Together, they have spearheaded our growth in Waukesha from modest beginnings of 4 staffers to today, with a newly expanded office to support 22 colleagues and growing. I could not be prouder of the entire Waukesha team.”

Matt Matson
Matt Matson
Richard Gilbertsen
Rick Gilbertsen
John Kolodzinski
John Kolodzinki

Our new Southeast Wisconsin regional market executives are:


  • ROBERT (MATT) MATSON, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Marketing | Regional Market Executive

Matt brings a rich history of leadership, team building, and business operations, including an MBA from Indiana University, to his new role. He is an expert in business development, M&A, budgeting and P/L, strategic marketing planning, and multimedia administration.

Matt works tirelessly to mentor colleagues, build awareness and positive energy around the Strang brand, and codify Strang’s business-building resources with new clients, aligned industry partners, and allied business and community groups and associations.


  • RICHARD (RICK) GILBERTSEN, AIA, Senior Vice President, Project Director | Regional Market Executive

Rick’s new leadership responsibilities acknowledge his unfailing dedication to advancing the client’s mission and voice, his colleague’s professional development, and our firm’s strength, viability, and effectiveness. Rick is the consummate team builder and a highly respected Senior Associate within Strang. Clients are outspoken about his professional expertise and personal demeanor.


  • JOHN KOLODZINSKI, DE, Director of Mechanical Engineering | Regional Market Executive

John started with Strang in 2018 to open the new office in Waukesha and lead the Mechanical Engineering efforts. He has risen steadily within Strang as an instrumental component to the success of the office. John is well known in the region and is highly respected by colleagues and contemporaries, alike. In addition, he consistently remains ahead of technical advancements, code compliances, and building performance metrics.

John is also an unmitigated advocate for environmental stewardship and an ardent conservator of our natural resources. Accordingly, John develops and advances engineering plans to capitalize on efficiencies.

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