Sun Prairie United Methodist Church


Revitalizing Worship

In 1999, Strang spearheaded a transformative 12,000 SF addition to the Sun Prairie United Methodist Church, introducing a fellowship hall, new offices, and classrooms. Building on this success, Strang was years later entrusted with developing preliminary designs for comprehensive renovations to the sanctuary and the addition of a Welcome Center. This project aimed to revitalize the following various areas:

  • Worship space: including narthex, sanctuary, and sacristy.
  • Music space: transforming storage areas into a functional music storage/library, music storage room, and choir rehearsal room.
  • Staff space: incorporating clerical office, pastor’s office, staff room, and custodial storage and office.
  • Education space: redesigning preschool, classrooms, and nursery/infant room.
  • Community space: revamping library/conference room, chapel, and fellowship hall.
  • Support space: enhancing corridor, kitchen, kitchen storage, toilets, and storage rooms.

The overall goal for the renovation focused on creating a more inviting, functional, and transcendent facility. Key objectives included enhancing wayfinding, optimizing sanctuary seating, and ensuring accessibility and safety for the congregation. The project also aimed to increase organization and efficiency in the church’s existing spaces, prioritize cost and energy-efficient building systems, and implement enduring changes that support future growth.


A New Perspective

The sanctuary underwent a significant transformation with a 180° rotation, now orienting the congregation eastward. This allowed for a clear, unified entrance sequence from the new narthex to the East of Fellowship Hall with interior windows creating an area for overflow seating. The new narthex orientation and layout are essential in anticipating the potential for sanctuary expansion. Key features include an ornamental screen, energy-efficient tinted windows, and angled soffits to emphasize focal points while concealing mechanical elements.

The updated sanctuary seating now offers flexibility with a combination of fixed pews and movable chairs. Demountable platforms serve as chancel and choir risers, supporting various spatial configurations.

A list of the latest changes include:

  • A redesigned open chancel area with new seating.
  • Addition of a sacristy for worship preparation.
  • Upgraded technology, including a custom-designed sanctuary window.
  • Introduction of a new narthex gathering area with a covered entrance.
  • A conference room adjacent to the narthex with upgraded technology.
  • A multipurpose room for education and recreation.
  • Redesign of the chapel.
  • Upgrades to office and kitchen areas.


Strang’s commitment to longevity, functionality, and inclusivity is evident. The improvements made help the church remain resilient while embodying the vision of being a welcoming home that embraces all and makes a positive impact in people’s lives.