St. Luke’s Lutheran Church


A Vision for Growth and Ministry

In partnership with Strang, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church embarked on a dynamic journey of renovation and expansion. Our team was guided by the need to adapt to the church’s rapid growth and increased demands for expanded programs and ministry. Through the comprehensive nature of this project, our goal was to create improvements that would meet the evolving needs of the congregation.

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Strategic Vision

Strang initiated the project with a thorough space needs analysis to accommodate the rapid growth and expanded programs and ministry of St. Luke’s. This analysis served as the cornerstone for the development of a master plan, strategically identifying the ultimate growth potential on the existing site.

Proposed Multi-Phase Expansion

Strang’s design solution involved a renovation and expansion aimed at enhancing the church’s facilities. This includes the addition of an educational wing, a multi-purpose life center, a narthex expansion, a chapel, and the enlargement of the nursery and administrative offices. The project resulted in the holistic improvement of the existing facility, fostering an environment conducive to worship and community engagement. These enhancements collectively contributed to the overall functionality, aesthetics, and usability of the church, while creating a welcoming and inclusive space.

Grant Assistance

Strang also actively supported St. Luke’s in securing a design and Implementation Grant through the Wisconsin Focus on Energy. This grant specifically targeted the improvement of mechanical systems and building envelope design, aligning with our team’s commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

This project serves as a testament to the collaborative effort between St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and Strang in realizing a vision of growth and adaptability. The proposed design solutions reflect our team’s dedication to creating a vibrant and nurturing space for the community.