Nova Urgent Care Facilities

Nova Urgent Care Facilities


Building a Prototype

Our client is a developer that specializes in urgent care medical clinics. Strang completed a prototype facility to be used on site locations throughout the US for urgent care. The client wished to use a prototype design so that it could be re-used. Projects throughout the country have local building styles and codes that require subtle variations to the protype building. Our prototype was developed to allow these changes to be incorporated into the building without changing its trademark look. The modular design allows for changes including mirroring and additions that double the square feet in order to include multiple procedure rooms.

Our design objective was to develop a prototype facility with curb appeal that can be used in every state with only minor variations to meet local code requirements.


Super Nova

Strang developed a prototype building with standard room sizes and room adjacencies to provide the owner with the best fit option for a specific site. The prototype utilizes exterior fiber board with cultured stone wainscoting and a custom awning system consisting of steel tubing and cedar slats. The design allows for easy configuration changes in length and width with minor alterations to patient and staff traffic flow.