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April 9, 2020

Time Will Tell

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There Is Always Wondrous Excitement When Clients Take Occupancy Of A New Facility. From corporate centers and laboratory space to performing arts venues, manufacturing locales or campus facilities, few things surpass the exhilaration of new or renewed space, especially for those who worked so closely with us to shape the future.

Recently, we heard from several clients – which prompted this article. Ribbon-cutting ceremonies and VIP tours are behind them. By now, everyone has had a chance to settle-in and size-up the space. So, how’s it working out? Is the “relatively new” tried and true? Let’s hear what they have to say.


“With the help and expertise of Strang, Inc., we have created a distinctively Summit branch design, modified as needed to fit the location. We believe an innovative design can help us stand out and further our brand and culture. We also completed a 152,000 square foot headquarters that is a statement and a commitment to the community, our employees, and our members. This collaboration with Strang is yet another project that captures our culture and provides an inspiring workplace for Summit employees. I should mention it was also done on time and on budget. Over the past 20 years, Strang has been a creative co-creator, helping empower Summit’s unique brand. Together with Strang, we have collaborated on something special by transcending stereotypical financial institutions and designing enjoyable, engaging, light-filled branches that reach our community."

A happy lady in a red jacket
Summit Credit Union


“It has been four years since M3 Insurance moved into our new space in Madison. How time flies! I wanted to let you know how the new M3 Insurance Madison building that Strang designed has impacted our company. And, the short answer is that the impact has been even more of a positive and culture enhancer than we had hoped. We initially had three objectives for our new space: providing a well workplace, shifting from “me” space to “we” space, and space as a reinforcement of our brand. This space has met all of those objectives and more. Our employees are so proud of this space. Culturally, this space has fundamentally changed the perception of insurance for those who are welcomed to the M3 building. We morphed from space that was old, dark, dated, and stodgy, to space that is contemporary, appealing, collaborative, fun, and maybe even cool! And, we have data to demonstrate that our space has enhanced M3 employee engagement! Thanks for helping our company build a great space for our colleagues and guests. We appreciate all that you have done on M3’s behalf.”

A man in a business suit smiling
M3 insurance


“American Players Theatre entrusted Strang with the design of our second theatre space, an indoor theatre, called THE TOUCHSTONE. We were thoroughly pleased with the collaboration and the outcome, both of which were very important to us. THE TOUCHSTONE, 12 years later, is a glorious theatre space which has been and continues to be central to the growth in our ever-evolving identity as an artistic organization. It has stood the test of time with a design aesthetic that perfectly honors our past and continues to speak to our future.”

A happy short haired woman
American Players theatre icon

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