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February 16, 2022

The View From Here (March 2022)

Performance Design

During our 87-year tenure, Strang has guided clients through some of the most technically advanced and high-performance projects—from federally regulated scientific cleanrooms to world-renowned symphony concert halls. This includes our innovative direction on nationally awarded university research and teaching laboratories, analytical healthcare facilities, and advanced manufacturing centers.

Within this edition of SyncMAGAZINE, we take a closer look at yet another type of complex project—the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Here, farmers/producers, agribusiness, researchers, and educators must safely and collaboratively coexist within a highly flexible infrastructure. All four groups are constantly in motion and the facility design must empower each one of them. Consider how today’s farmers count upon a healthy stock to maintain a safe, quality-driven operation. Agribusiness requires decision support metrics that are prompt, precise, and actionable. Market values, supply indexes, and distribution strategies are impacted by this data. Such data is the result of researchers working in spaces that ensure “no-compromise” sample integrity, safely optimize process flow, and easily adapt to ever-evolving study protocols. Our future leaders in animal agriculture require space to learn and discover the latest intelligence and practices in food biosafety and biosecurity.

Each of these complex project types requires rigorous integration of architectural design, engineered systems, and interiors. Decades of Strang insights are applied with our client’s intelligence and insight to achieve remarkable results. Our clients are world-class scientists, artists, educators, diagnosticians, researchers, and industry leaders. When these groups think in sync, great things are about to happen.


Each of our clients recognizes the tangible value of cooperation and collaboration. Together, we create, nurture, and implement a comprehensive project environment where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. These types of projects are far too complex to proceed in any other manner. One idea can spark an entire room. That singular thought can then launch dozens of solutions. It’s this process that brings a design to life.

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For all the kids who enjoy playing with Legos…Strang partnered with Art + Lit + Lab to host students aged 11-14 at Strang’s Madison office to learn all about the world of architecture. As part of Art + Lit + Lab’s Summer Arts Camp, this program was all about teaching the fundamentals of architecture with interactive, hands-on learning.
Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra recently broke ground on the construction of its new 40,085 SF rehearsal and performance space. The building will feature three state-of-the-art rehearsal halls, eight studios, nine practice rooms, administrative offices, and a music library. The music center is set to be fully operational in the fall of 2023.
When the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Water Mission Area (WMA) moved across town to the USDA Forest Products Lab building, they partnered with Strang to renovate the old, outdated 3rd floor into a fresh and collaborative space that spoke to the USGS’s core values. At 3,900 SF this office packs a lot of interesting features into every inch of the small space.