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October 19, 2021

Picture It!

Strang’s Hobby Photographers

There’s more than meets the eye of Strang’s architects, engineers, and interior designers. And what an eye they have! Take a look at their lives outside of the office through these stunning shots.

Andrew Slater


Name: Andrew Slater

Photography Specialty Area: Landscapes

What camera/lens do you use?: Canon R5, Canon 5D Mark III

Tell us about your favorite photo!:

Idle Bumping: County or State fairs are awesome locations to get some really great long exposures of amusement rides. In this picture, the family and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair. We typically end the day by letting the kids ride some of the rides. As the kids were going about going from ride to ride, I saw this opportunity to capture some long exposures of bumper cars. The ceiling of this bumper car had some great leading lines. Add that with the awesome colors and it really created an awesome composition. To capture this I had to rest my camera on the far end railing as my tripod was not tall enough.

Aztalan Stockade: What a great park for hiking! The family and I went to Aztalan because we wanted to hike somewhere new. This park is nearby and full of great history. The recreated structures created an awesome composition for a long exposure.

Together We Rise to See The Light: This picture capture’s a morning along Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan Shores. The wind was pretty strong and was pushing the waves onto the Pierhead walking path. I was really lucky during this capture as I was starting to pack my camera up from capturing the morning sun rising over the horizon when a couple started to walk towards the lighthouse. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran to the puddle to get a reflection capture, when the composition aligned itself.

Sarah Phillips


Name: Sarah Phillips

Photography Specialty Area: Landscape/objects

How long have you been taking photos?: 4-H circa 1994

What camera/lens do you use?: Various iPhones

Tell us about your favorite photo!:

Vault – This is my favorite because there are so many memories stored behind that door. Not only was it our garden shed but it stored our sleds and everything fun. In Wishigan (Wisconsin+Michigan), winters are long and snow is deep. Sledding helps you love winter.

Name: Michael Zhou

Photography Specialty Area: Primarily landscape and architecture

How long have you been taking photos?: Maybe 20 years or so

What camera/lens do you use?:

Currently Canon 80D (previously 60D). Various lenses include Canon 24-105mm F4, 70-200mm F2.8, and Sigma 17-50 F2.8.

Tell us about your favorite photo!:

Busy Day at Grand Central: I took it when I was exploring the city while doing an architecture internship in NY back in 2012. While it’s one of my older photos, it’s still among my favorites as it was when I started to take photography more seriously and wanted to try out creative methods to take photos.

Anything else you want to share?:

Photography has always been a passion and I enjoy improving my techniques in my primary specialty areas along with broadening my skill set by trying a variety of other photography types such as portrait and wildlife. Just recently I have been trying my hands at astrophotography, a noticeable departure from my usual photography style that has proven to be rather challenging but also rewarding.


Name: John Dreher

Photography Specialty Area: Landscape

How long have you been taking photos?: 5 years

What camera/lens do you use?: Usually Sony a6000 with 50mm f1.8

Tell us about your favorite photo!:

Clover: I appreciate the color and form of clovers flowers and shot this picture from my front yard. I particularly enjoy how the flower stands out from the background.

Name: Kate Feldt

Photography Specialty Area:

I haven’t narrowed down to a specialty area yet, but over my career I have enjoyed photographing portraits, weddings, food, events, animals, travel, and architectural/interior design. Right now I am partial to editorial portraits because, it sharpens your directing skills and interpersonal communication with you and your subject(s).

How long have you been taking photos?: 12 years

What camera/lens do you use?:

Currently use a Sony A7III with a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di lens that I got used from the Camera Company. I’ve shot on just about every brand but have stayed with Sony and Canon consistently.

Tell us about your favorite photo!:

My photos of my friend Lo are special because she felt comfortable to model with minimal makeup on and natural hair. We have collaborated many times since my days of using my Mom’s old Sony point and shoot and it’s exciting to see how we have both improved at our craft over the past 12 years.


Name: Peter Tan

Photography Specialty Area: Travel photography

How long have you been taking photos?:

I have been taking photos for 40 years.  I spent 6 months in Australia in 1981, and a friend lent me a camera to use while I was there.  Because this was an “old-school” camera that had no meter in it, I had to learn to estimate the exposure settings for each photo based on the available light.

What camera/lens do you use?:

Body: Nikon D610 DSLR.  Lenses:  28-200mm AF-D; 28mm f/3.5 PC; 35mm f/2.8 PC; 50mm f/1.8 AF-D; 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-D.

Tell us about your favorite photo!:

San Juan Mountains, Silverton, CO: I took the photo of the rainbow (Photo #01) when my family and I were camping at Molas Lake in the San Juan Mountains near Silverton Colorado.  It was just after dinner, and the raking light of the setting sun created this most amazing rainbow.  After a few minutes, it was gone.  Photography, like a fleeting rainbow, is all about light and carpe diem – making the most of a particular moment in time.

Anything else you want to share?:

Along with hand-sketching, I use photography to record and remember what I see – light, texture, rhythm, space, color and composition.  My photographs provide a glimpse into how I visualize the world around me.

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