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September 20, 2019

Enthusiasm vs the Learning Curve

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A cover of the Alliance, with an image of American Players Theatre on it
As we began to develop this, our inaugural issue of the Alliance, you can imagine the energy and imagination levels were high. The possibilities appeared without limit; no precedents, no templates – our staff savored that creative challenge. From the outset, our editorial goal was to share some amazing stories about our clients and colleagues here at Strang.

While there was no lack of ideas or enthusiasm, we needed to level a fairly steep learning curve. What to do? As it turned out, we took a cue from Strang’s proven project development protocol: Listen ▪ Discover ▪ Design.

listen carefully

During the Listening phase, we spoke with countless industry partners and business friends about their ideas. The message was clear: no one is looking to sit down and curl-up with a good newsletter. Keep the content concise, topical, and useful and yes, even entertaining – apparently, it’s OK to smile or laugh a little.


During the Discover phase, we uncovered even more truly remarkable insights about our clients. We are fortunate to partner with amazing organizations and we would like to share their stories with you.


And finally, during the Design phase, we tested several graphic design and navigation practices. The results follow. We hope you’ll approve.


As with everything at Strang, The Alliance eZine will evolve through a focus on our family of clients and colleagues, leadership practices and continual improvement. At the moment, we still have plenty to learn, but we’re working on it. Have a great start to the new year. And thanks for your time.

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