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Rendering of a NGL building

October 20, 2021

Case Study: National Guardian Life

The Strength of a Brand


Above all else, National Guardian Life (NGL) wants their customers, clients, and employees to know, “we are here for you.” NGL, a life insurance company, is there when it counts, even when you don’t know you need them. Their brand centers on service, stability, strength, and peace of mind.

Strang’s work with NGL on planning their future-focused and flexible office was accompanied by our interiors team integrating these vital brand elements into their built environment.

What a “wow” moment! Strang and NGL partnered with Michael Ford, the Hip-Hop Architect on a unique lobby mural that takes spoken words and transforms them into patterns. The words that make up this design are taken from NGL’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statement. DEI is an essential part of NGL’s brand that they wanted to highlight in a prominent area of their building.


Nature was a key component in showcasing NGL’s brand through the built environment. Life insurance directly relates to the idea of life, and this can be perfectly displayed through nature and biophilic design. For those unfamiliar with the term, biophilic design is an approach to building design that seeks to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment.

Nature made an appearance in NGL’s office through natural brand colors and patterns, plant life, and specific mountain imagery was highlighted throughout NGL’s brand document. Natural shapes, such as the hexagon, were also included. A healthier environment promotes a healthier lifestyle, and indirect aspects of nature help people reduce stress while increasing their connection to nature, and subsequently life.


Not only was NGL able to design their office to cater to the life of their employees and clients, but this central brand idea made its way down to every detail of their design and finishes.

To learn more about Strang’s master plan and project approach to the renovation of NGL’s office, read our previous article here.

Watch the video below to see Jessica Gran, Owner’s Rep for NGL, Erica Ostendorf Mullins, Project Lead, and Austen Conrad, Project Architect discuss their work at NGL.

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