The Shows Must Go On (When the time is right) Value, vibes, and veracity of the arts

By Randy Banks, Vice President, Client and Community Engagement

What do you miss most these days? Of course, “these days” referring to the Safe-At-Home situation. My reflexive answer is family, friends, loved ones. Sure miss the hugs or smiles, shining eyes and spirited conversations we can only experience in person - that personal contact we will never take for granted again...

Chris Klopatek, As You Like It, 2018. Photo by Liz Lauren.

Chris Klopatek, As You Like It, 2018. Photo by Liz Lauren.


Beyond that, one of the things I miss most is being immersed in the performing arts - the opportunity to witness talent, passion, humor, and artistry live and in person. To be surrounded by a shared energy with the audience. Whether its Shakespeare, original musicals, dance, classical music, or rock ‘n roll, I miss the performing arts. I’ll say it again, I REALLY miss the arts.

And it is no surprise, the arts community misses us, too. Not simply the economic factor, although that IS important. Performers of all kinds and at all levels miss the interaction with each other, and of course with us, the audience. That interaction is the very lifeforce which nourishes their creative soul – and ours, too for that matter.


Now, pause for a moment to acknowledge how important the arts are to us, particularly today. From the moment the ear buds or headphones tune in, to the binge watching of drama, suspense, or comedy. Consider too the joy of indulging in an unplugged “living room” performance by recording artists, even dancers. And I am certainly looking forward to the arrival of Hamilton on TV beginning July 3rd. Not sure about you, but that stuff keeps my feet moving, my sanity intact, lightens my spirits and brings an authentic smile to my heart. Yup, your heart can smile – you remember that, right?

So, here at SyncMAGAZINE we got to thinking; perhaps we could let those gifted talents around us know we’re thinking about them. Accordingly, SyncMAGAZINE reached out to a handful of area performing arts venues and artists to see if they would like to share their status or views for the near future. And I’ll admit, I’m playing favorites - each of the organizations profiled here is a personal favorite. And remember, these talented groups would love to hear from us. Spend time on their websites, YouTube videos or virtual gift shoppes. We’re not asking you for money. We’d rather transport you to a place where you come to that decision on your own.

What follows are connections within the performing arts. Consider reaching out, if only to say hello. Be there for them – for all of us. Then, take a bow – you’ve earned it.

Written by Randy Banks

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