Using energy modeling software, Strang engineers created this rendering of Summit Credit Union in Franklin, WI. It shows the simulated solar energy intensity over a one-year period and the impact of vertical shading devices.

Summit Solar Exposure 00

Smart from the Start

Energy Modeling Empowers Designers to Know Now

Sunshine may be the last thing you think about when you’re planning a new office building. At Strang, it’s typically one of the first.

You see, it’s in the earliest stages of design that Strang’s Energy Modeling has the greatest impact on making a building comfortable and efficient.


Energy Modeling

There are many ways to measure the impact of the sun.  Its warm glow does wonders for office morale, until it heats up the office like a sauna and you have to spend money cooling the air in the middle of winter.

It’s these sorts of considerations that are met head on with Energy Modeling, a unique software tool Strang employs at the earliest stages of every project to best meet the building owner’s objectives.

It does much more than just address solar issues. This suite of software programs allows our experts to identify, analyze, and select the most sustainable building forms, site orientations, materials, construction practices and engineering systems for a specific facility.

“For the best results, we like to consider these things before we settle on a particular form,” said Joss Hurford, Strang’s Director of Energy Modeling and Conservation. “Once the form of the building is determined, we’re limited with making improvements from energy modeling. ”

In all cases, energy modeling results are customized based on the type of facility, the size of the building and the site. And they mean much more when the results come early in the design process and changes can be considered.

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Joss Hurford

Director | Energy Modeling + Conservation

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