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Madison, WI

October 2020

Volume 5 | Issue 3

Waukesha, WI

A message from Larry Barton, CEO of Strang on our go-forward approach regarding our office occupancy course of action during these times. 

As technology and equipment continue to advance at a rapid pace, manufacturing and aligned warehousing must continue to adapt and change to industry demands. Strang's experts share their insight into the experience, priorities, and trends in manufacturing design.

This year, it's virtual! Read on to discover what a virtual Steam Camp looks like and hear more from two of our presenters as they discuss their background with STEAM Camp and their role as a presenter.

How can we optimize our MEP systems to support occupant health amidst a global pandemic?

Living WELL. Working WELL.

Strang's experts in WELL building design, interior design, and engineered systems discuss designing healthy spaces using both the Strang Madison office and the WELL building standard as design examples.

In this webinar, CEO Larry Barton and Senior Vice President | Director of Interior Design, Erica Ostendorf Mullins examine the Post COVID-19 approach to employees returning to work - specifically within research park and science environments.

The TV shows, books, podcasts, and music we've been watching, reading, and listening to. Our Strang'rs showcase the diverse range of content they enjoy while offering you some excellent new recommendations.

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