Design Synchronicity

“Design Synchronicity Is A Strategic Process That Captures Our Client’s Vision, Then Guides Delivery Of Predictable Miracles”.


What is Design Synchronicity?

At Strang, our culture is precisely aligned behind interaction and collaboration where client’s goals are realized through predictable miracles, i.e. a fierce focus on the synchronized interplay of architecture, engineering, interior design and master planning – all from one source. That’s Design Synchronicity.

Strang’s integrated expertise ensures complex building systems not only function together, they also make each other stronger, ever better.  Imagine, a building that performs equal to its beauty. That’s Design Synchronicity.

Strang’s blended professional counsel helps ensure conservation of client resources; human, environmental and financial. Decisions are reached with project stewardship top of mind. That’s Design Synchronicity.

Problem solving skills are important.  However, few things outweigh problem avoidance skills. That’s Design Synchronicity.

Project assets and opportunities often become obscured behind silo thinking. When Strang architects, engineers and interior designers unite behind your project, results can be spectacular. That’s Design Synchronicity.

Client Feedback

Client feedback regularly ranks Design Synchronicity as “highly valued” for delivering optimal project outcomes. Our long-term clients tell us vertical integration is a significant reason why they return to Strang.


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Whether you’re designing a new facility or trying to conserve energy and protect the environment within your existing facility, Strang’s team can help by conducting a detailed analysis of your building’s sustainable performance.