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We design facilities that foster companies’ growth and opportunity. Strang’s commercial facility designs enhance clients’ missions, values and culture by providing refined, customized solutions. From corporate headquarters to financial institutions, clients occupy Strang designed facilities to emulate their company’s vision and gain a competitive advantage. Much like our designs, our designers celebrate imagination, nurture creativity, empower development and facilitate growth in each built environment.

Design Considerations

We implement intelligent, jaw-dropping designs that align with your brand, business, budgets and schedules. There is also an instinctive respect for client collaboration, our clients have well-thought viewpoints and project perspectives which shape integrated thinking across the entire team.

Employee Satisfaction

Recent studies conclude there is a correlation between employee satisfaction with the work environment and company performance. By making physical improvements to a corporate office facility, a business can decrease absenteeism, recruit top talent and increase profitability.

Branding To Your Company

A facility’s visual impact is indicative of an organization’s culture. When used as a strategic marketing tool, a facility expresses a company’s distinctive brand to its clients, workforce and prospective employees. When melded with Strang’s insights and expertise, together we create action towards optimal outcomes.

A Groundbreaking Is Not The End Of Our Work, But A Transition From Design To The Built Environment.

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National Guardian Life (in development)

Madison, Wisconsin

Recognizing early on that a post-COVID workplace would look very different from their current workplace, NGL began working with Strang to start reimagining their workplace shortly after stay at home orders were issued in 2020. NGL saw the stay-at-home orders as an opportunity to reimagine, redesign, and rebuild their workplace while their staff remained safe at home. The pandemic provided an opportunity to test out how efficient the different departments would be working from home. Throughout the planning process surveys were sent out to the staff to gather data on the pros and cons of both working from home and working from this office. The information gathered from the employees and leadership transformed into three guiding principles for the project

Summit Credit Union Headquarters

Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

This six-story building is a signature development to the Cottage Grove Community, adjacent to the interstate highway between Madison and Milwaukee. Building amenities include administrative offices, a credit union branch with drive-up tellers, training rooms and wellness facilities. Site amenities feature walking paths and outdoor active recreation areas including an exterior dining area.

Gebhardt Building

Madison, Wisconsin

This unique design houses office space and a music performance venue for Frank Productions. We worked closely to bring out the best of the entertainment space without impacting the quality of the offices. The north side of the eight-story high-rise includes retail and commercial office space, including Strang’s Madison home.

The building’s south side features “The Sylvee,” Frank Productions’ 2,500-person music venue. The space features VIP suites and is an exciting addition to the dynamic music culture of Madison.

American Family BL2

Madison, Wisconsin

Before renovation, the BL2 space outside of lunchtime, was under-utilized. Strang’s challenge was to activate the space throughout the day. The large space was broken down to accommodate various tasks and improve the use of floor space.

Designers combined casual dining areas, meeting rooms, micro-kitchens, flexible recreation and quiet spaces, multiplying the reasons for employees to spend time there throughout the day. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, the café offers a great view of the patio and walking paths just outside.

Kraus Anderson

Madison, Wisconsin

Kraus Anderson’s vision for the relocation of their Madison office to the 8,000 SF downtown location is to create a collaborative, comfortable work environment. This space doubles as a showcase for the company's abilities while meshing with the industrial style of the building and complimenting Kraus Anderson’s corporate standards. Natural lighting and future office growth should inform the layout of the space. With a tremendous view of Lake Monona, it was natural to locate the office and the gathering space towards the lake. Locating majority of the collaborative meeting spaces on the lower entry floor provided the necessary usage and activities on the lower floor to blend with the main office floor that steps up 5 feet. From the welcoming warmth of the wood on entry floor to the glass conference rooms and branding, the transparency really gives the Kraus Anderson brand a street presence.

WiscNet World Headquarters

Madison, Wisconsin

WiscNet’s fresh, contemporary space draws people into a social working environment. The floor plan optimizes natural daylight, with a 20-foot living wall in the main entry. Strategically placed meeting spaces, open collaborative areas and enclaves that encourage team interaction.

Summit Credit Union Branches

Multiple locations – Wisconsin

Strang’s work with this client ranges for more than three decades and represents one of the many long-term relationships we have developed with clients. Summit projects have consistently been recognized for their excellence in design award competitions throughout South Central and South Eastern Wisconsin.

"Strang is very open to taking your ideas, taking your thought processes, taking your needs and combining that into the best possible solution that you can get.”

- Kim Sponem, CEO/President | Summit Credit Union

Culver’s Home Office

Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

Culver’s prairie-style building draws inspiration from the landscape with the prairie’s classic horizontal lines and Culver’s family-owned roots with Midwestern values. A strong connection is established between the interior and exterior spaces with materials that transition seamlessly.

The facility consists of a reception area, offices, cubicle/work group areas, library/resource areas, conference rooms and a large meeting space. It also has a training center, commercial kitchen, lunch rooms and a physical fitness area with lockers and shower rooms.

Electronic Theatre Controls

Middleton, Wisconsin

This world leader in lighting equipment, corporate headquarters consolidates its operations, improves efficiency and encourages team interaction. The building reflects ETC’s corporate culture and emphasizing its connection to theatre and lighting. The entrance doubles as a stage opening onto a grassy amphitheater area. Other themed areas include an urban main street movie set, corner café, classic marquee theatre and themed storefronts. With a strict budget, ordinary, off-the-shelf materials were implemented in the creative design.

Badgerland Financial, FLCA

Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin

This building has two rectangular sections, connected by a glass atrium serving as the entryway and lobby. Exterior building sections are made of stone and burnt-orange fiber cement board; silver metallic ribbed metal panels provide additional accents near the roof and windows. The design allows for panoramic views of the Wisconsin River and a rear patio provides an appealing breakout space to the landscape views.

M3 Insurance

Madison, Wisconsin

This corporate headquarters building showcases the company’s philosophy, vision and forward-looking culture. M3 Insurance succeeds by putting their employees in position to do their best work. The design provides a unique setting for a flexible and mobile culture that empowers employees to provide high-quality customer service.

Monona bank

Madison, Wisconsin

This three-story building for Monona Bank includes drive-up banking lanes and tenant space. The exterior is comprised of brick masonry and champagne-colored metal. The abundance of glass allows natural daylight to fill the interior and provide employees with panoramic views.

Sara Investment Real Estate

Madison, Wisconsin

Sara Investment’s renovation is far from typical. The project celebrates a unique historically significant Atwood Neighborhood landmark. A strategic use of color and texture optimizes employee productivity. Additionally, strategically located third-places encourage increased collaboration and community.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Madison, Wisconsin

This typical office building has been transformed into a vibrant and welcoming home for the National Service Center. Designers used the limited budget in creative ways to carve out impressive spaces, creating maximum effect at minimal expense. Strategic demolition maximized daylighting, allowing the integration of formal and informal collaboration areas. The 32,000-SF, four-story building offers work stations for 150 employees, prayer rooms, conference rooms and a library.

The Agora at Fitchburg Center

Fitchburg, Wisconsin

This mixed-used development was designed to create a series of spaces – courtyards, amphitheaters and terraces – all coming together to enhance human interaction with the prairie swale.

The project’s architecture allows space to flow freely between the interior and the landscape. This balance is achieved with breakout spaces, rooftop patios and landscaped patios that provide unique places to maximize the harmony between building and land.

General Heating and Air Conditioning Headquarters

Madison, Wisconsin

This three-story, corporate headquarters defines the company’s brand while fostering a productive working environment. The lobby has exposed ductwork painted red with a blue ribbed metal panel. A custom staircase showcases the stainless steel craftsmanship of the client’s metal shop. Transom windows provide natural daylight in addition to visual and sound privacy from the hallway.

TDS Master Plan Workplace Strategies

Madison, Wisconsin

Strang was commissioned to develop their new facility master plan and corporate workplace strategy. Prior to design, our team listened to the client’s needs, wants and desires. Throughout this phase, surveys, stakeholder meetings and benchmarking were used to provide a solid foundation of information. This provided our team with the necessary information for further exploration of concepts for the new corporate headquarters.

Throughout the design phase, the client was focused on creating an unmatched work environment for their employees while respecting their conservative values. Ultimately, our team arrived at an open floor plan, providing employees with abundant natural light and flexibility for different user types.

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